Yep, That’s Me

I entered RJ into the “2011 Parents Cover” Photo Contest.  The ultimate prize his for him to win money and appear on the magazine’s cover.  However, there is a smaller contest, within the larger, and he can win the top spot of his entry week. This is the part I have control over, so I’ve been going HARD!

It works like this: I entered him last week, so all this week, I get any an everyone I come in contact with to vote for my baby, online.  If he gets the most votes, he wins $250 and a possible spot as a finalist!  I am in “get votes” overdrive and it seems to be paying off. He started out the week as #1600 something, yes, that many people submitted in just one week. He went from #1360 to #297 in 24hrs and as I type this, he is #104!!!!! I’m bombarding my Facebook and Twitter statuses  an all my email contacts, with the link to his voting page. I know I’m driving people crazy, but he’s my baby, so I have to try. My pushiness is paying off.

Now, it has hit me, this is how it starts, right?! This is my first glimpse of how I’m going to handle future contests, recitals & crappy item sales?! I hate to say it but, I think it is. I am THAT mom! You know, the one who lets you know the crappy item catalog and fruit sales, sport championships and recitals are approaching, months ahead of time.  Then, sends numerous emails or text messages to make sure you don’t forget to attend, purchase or participate. Ughhhh, the big thing about that is, I’m then obligated to return the favor!! So, it’s official I’m in the throws of the parenting conundrum:o

Oh well, I guess there is nothing left to say, except, please click on this link and vote for my son, everyday until Sunday….and then proceed to send me your contest links, crappy item catalogs, recital times and your little league championship dates! *sighs*

Did becoming THAT mom, dad, aunt, etc. sneak up on you, too?

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