Where’s the Poop?!

RJ’s doctor told us to start giving him daily vitamin drops with iron. After a week of the drops, the effects of the iron started kicking in. My baby has pooped once since Tuesday! Normal for him is at least once a day. I’ve called the doctor. She says she would rather treat his constipation, than have me stop giving him the vitamins. She recommended some Karo syrup in his bottle. Well, we are on day two of Karo and still NO poop!! So, I’ve made a “Mommy” call on the vitamins. Instead of giving them to him everyday, I will try every other day. The only time he pooped this week was when I didn’t give him the drops the night before.
I’ve learned that baby poop or lack of it is of great concern to parents, but not a big deal to doctors. Apparently, with babies, doctor don’t really care about the frequency of poop but the quality, so to speak! I’ve been told my son could be going through a growth spurt, holding on to more of his food and therefore, pooping less. Also, he’s not considered constipated until his poop is the consistency of peanut butter or looks like little rocks! Whatever! I’ve spent all my time with this little boy for the past eleven weeks, I know when things aren’t right. This mother’s work will not be done until there is poop in my baby’s diaper once more!
*Okay, that was a little dramatic, but you get the point!*

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