Where Were You?

Where were you Sunday May 1, 2011, when you heard the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by US Navy Seals? Me? I was at work, filling in for a co-worker.  We were about 30 minutes before our 11pm air time, when we heard President Obama would address the nation on a matter of national security.  We, as I’m sure many others, began to speculate what could possibly be so important that he would address the nation at 10:30 on a Sunday night.  We assumed it was regarding Libya. However, when Wolf Blitzer gave a definite NO to that subject, I have to admit, I got nervous.  Then, a co-worker said a post on his Twitter timeline said Bin Laden was dead.  We were skeptical, but immediately after that it showed up as a headline banner on MSNBC.  Needless to say, our small, weekend staffed newsroom sprang into serious news mode! Due to the delay of the official announcement, we ended up going to air an hour late.  However, we did a very good job, if I must say so myself.  A single anchor, a solo director/technical director, one producer, one reporter, an audio operator, two floor crew members and a master control op made it happen! With the exception of working election night ’08, it was the most satisfying workday in my 9yrs in the business!

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