What I’m Thinking at the Time

We are finally able to get around like normal. There is still snow on the ground but the roads are MUCH better.  Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary. We had dinner plans for Friday night but rescheduled for this coming Friday.  I can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant since it opened last year. It’s restaurant week in SC. The restaurant we’re going to is on the list but of course I want something that is NOT on the special menu:) This, is calling my name! It’s listed as an appetizer, but I have a feeling it’s going to be my meal!

RJ has his 2 month doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  He’s getting his shots. I’m not nervous about him getting his shots, I just hope he won’t be to cranky.  Hubby and I have to attend a baptismal preparation class at our church tomorrow night.  It’s required in order for RJ to be baptised in the Catholic church.  While we are there, RJ will be spending time with a babysitter for the very first time! I’m more nervous that he will drive her crazy by crying and screaming the entire time. Our babysitter is a co-worker of mine who loves kids and basically sits for everyone at the station.  I really hope it goes well because we have her booked to watch him Friday night, as well! *BTW* What is the going rate for sitters?! She doesn’t have a set a rate!?

Ok, so you may know that I have been growing my relaxer out for over a year now.  I couldn’t make my hair appointment last week due to the snow, so I did my hair myself.  I attempted a twist-out but it didn’t work out well.   However, I must say, I’m loving my natural hair! I ordered some new hair care products ( Baby Buttercreme & Curly Pudding) to help with my next attempt at a twist out.  I don’t want to wear my hair straight ALL of the time.  I can’t wait untill the relaxer on the ends of my hair is gone.  I may have to cut, but just a LITTLE! No big chop here! *Speaking of hair* Why is it that my stylist was the only one who tried to tell me my hair would come out after I had my baby?!!!!! It’s shedding like crazy, which I can deal with but I have some MAJOR loss at my temples. Especially, the left side:( I have ALWAYS had then temples but this left side is looking like Naomi Campbell!? *OK not THAT bad but you know what I’m saying!* Now that it has happened I’ve read in books and on the web that it’s a natural occurence. It’s my body’s balancing act with my hormones and is not permanent. It better not be!!!

*Now a little venting*

Do you know anyone who rails against a particular situation constantly?! I’m talking GO HARD!! However, when they find themselves in that situation, it’s suddenly ALL GOOD?! Umm, excuse me, it’s the same damn situation! It was bad for everyone else and guess what?! It’s bad for you too! Then, you think because they are in the situation, they would stop throwing stones from their glass house, and concentrate on themselves? OH NO! Damn if those stones don’t suddenly become boulders!!! WTF?!! I’m just saying, everything comes to the light in due time. Don’t get caught with egg on your face, looking like Boo-Boo the Fool!

In other words: Concentrate on your family and stop being a hypocrite! It’s not a good look, Boo!

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