We’re Doing Whole30

A month or so ago, I went to my doctor for a check up.  My numbers were all good, but I felt I needed to really get my eating habits under control. After a discussion about how much I weigh and where I carry my weight (mid-section) and my family history, I asked her thoughts on my health risks and diet plans.  She suggested Whole30 to help focus on and get control of what I actually eat.  I liked the idea of eliminating foods to find out what triggers certain conditions, such as my eczema and my husband’s gastrointestinal issues.  Also, we seriously needed to adjust our eating habits.  Let me say, in anticipation of giving up all the ALL THE THINGS, I ate ALL THE THINGS during the month of May and gained an additional 3-4 pounds on top the weight I already needed to lose. #Fail.

Anyhoo, on June 1st, my husband and I began our  journey. Listen, my husband is not a veggie lover, not a good thing on Whole30. To avoid the monotony of eating meat and a salad every day, I’ve been introducing foods we don’t typically eat like beets and cauliflower rice.  Hubby and RJ both hated the roasted beets. Also, my rice loving husband wasn’t overjoyed with the cauliflower impostor either. He is sticking it out, though. I must say it is easier having him on board especially since the food is so restrictive.

Last weekend we went to a baseball game and due to my lack of planning, I wasn’t able to cook us dinner before we left. Let me tell you, sporting events don’t really cater to the Whole30 crowd.  The struggle was real. I came close to saying forget it and eating RJ’s waffle fries from Chick fil A.  My husband, literally, knocked the fry out of my hand. We have tickets for a game in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to eat at home before we go!

Right now, if you asked me if I’d do this again or continue beyond 30 days, my answer would be no.  I feel like it’s too restrictive and not something I can fully maintain as a lifestyle or that I want to maintain as a lifestyle.  At the end of the 30 days, maybe my outlook will be different…I doubt it.  I do want to end these 30 days with a better relationship with food and to be more mindful of what we consume.  So far the most eye-opening thing has been realizing that sugar, in whatever form, is in damn near EVERYTHING on the store shelves.

Now, that we’ve had a week to get a handle on what we can and can’t eat, I’m ready to add in the exercise piece. Honestly, I’m not sure if Hubby and I could have exercised at all this week anyway because we’ve both been sluggish. Apparently, this is common in the beginning as our bodies adjust to the food changes.  Hopefully, we’ll enter next week energized and ready burn some of the healthy fats we’re eating.  Wish us luck and willpower! I’ll do another post on our journey once we’ve completed the 30 days and my final thoughts.

Have you ever done Whole30? If so, were you happy with the results and has it become a way of life for you?

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