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I joined Twitter last week!  Yeah I know but it’s all Star Jones’ fault!LOL  I read her blog (and actually I like it ) and she has a link to her Twitter page on her blog.  I found myself really into her what she was Tweeting and what some of her famous friends or just regular people would Tweet back.  So, I joined and “followed” her and 5 others but not all famous people (however, O starts Tweeting on Friday!!!).  I don’t have a desire to “follow” Diddy or John Meyer.  Though, I was following Kiesha Knight Pulliam or who I thought was “Rudy” but it wasn’t and now the page is deleted.  I couldn’t believe it!! I was really into her Tweets!LOL  Star was duped too because she wished her Happy Birthday!LOL

Anyway, I only have like 3 followers but I don’t mind.  A co-worker of mine found out I was on and said “Oh I didn’t know you Tweeted I’ll follow you“.  I was like “Ugh no that’s ok you really don’t have to follow me!”

I mean I know he has a page an I’m not following him.LOL Hint Hint!   Look, if he “follows” me on Twitter and he’s already my “friend” Facebook (along with almost every other person at work-except for management– there is a line you do not cross) where am I going to go to vent when he annoys the Hell out of me!!LOL  Granted once you know someones on Twitter, you don’t have to openly “follow” them.  I can be quite the little Twitter ” voyeur” myself. However, if you do that it’s a strictly read at your own risk policy.

I’ll be Tweeting you!!! LOL

a bunch of Tweets!

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