Tour Of Homes

The weekend is over. Well technically it wasn’t my weekend but Raf’s off and it’s our do things together time. This weekend it was the Tour of New Homes. Basically you go to various communities in all price ranges and take a look around at the model homes and floor plans. You get see what each builder has to offer and you can pick up decorating ideas. We just bought our home a year ago so we aren’t looking yet but we got some ideas for our next home. The event is every weekend this month so I’ll be back at this weekend while Raf’s out of town. I love looking at new developments I guess it’s a hobby. Right now I’m counting down to Homearoma in Charlotte next month. Homearoma features about seven homes in one community. Each is fully decorated and there is a small fee to view. The catch is they are all million dollar homes. So they are strictly for decorating ideas and daydreaming!


Bailey is still doing well. Dr. Brown called to check up on her Saturday. He took her off one of the meds to see if get sick without it. She hasn’t so that’s good news. I have to go pick up some kind of powder, that helps with digestion, to put on her food. She is still on the bland diet with no treats.

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