• After a year of teaching my Social Studies and Science class at the Learning Center, I’m giving it up.  My normal work schedule, makes the early morning a beast.  I will still do my one-on-one session but I’m giving up the class…at least for now.
  • Bailey got a good bill of health from her first 6month thyroid check up.  She is maintaining her 46lbs. Good doggie:)
  • We have 5weeks until our Bed & Breakfast Spring Vacation Week! I’m oh so ready:)
  • This weekend, we will begin our monthly, one hour,  adoration volunteering at our church chapel.   In an Adoration Chapel, the Host, or Body of the Lord, is always present.  There is a volunteer in the chapel EVERYDAY 24hrs a day.  It is open to the public, as well, any hour of the day. You may come in for prayer, meditation, scripture reading or just to be in the presence of the Lord.  It is your personal time with God. We have volunteered for a 3am to 4am,  once a month, weekend shift.
  • Spring begins this coming Saturday and Easter is only 3 weeks away.  I’m maintaining my Lenten promises. I don’t even think about drive-thrus or fast food and I’m growing fond of classical music, NPR shows and Catholic radio! LOL

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