• I cried buckets while watching Whitney Houston’s funeral coverage.  I mean buckets, like my husband and to console me, it was that bad.  Too much, too many emotions, so many memories…  Got the best of me. Whew!
  • We didn’t watch the final hour because we had to take RJ to his classmates birthday party.  It was at Gymboree. He was a little apprehensive at first and wasn’t really into the group activities. That was ok because several others weren’t either.  So, we let him do his own thing. By cake time, he was having a blast! I was able to catch up with   one of my former co-workers from the tv station, her daughter is also in RJ class. *She recommended the daycare to me.*  It was good to catch up with her and share toddler stories. We really liked Gymboree and we’re considering enrolling RJ.  *Side note the mascot of Gymboree is a clown puppet named Jimbo or Jimbob, anyway that thing totally creeped me out!*
  • So, as I just mentioned, we are considering enrolling RJ in Gymboree classes or Kindermusik. He really LOVES music!! I mean, really. We play the Pandora toddler station for him in the house and car.  He stomps around, bobs his little head and claps his hands, it’s so cute.  A gymnastics type company comes to his class every Friday. Of course, there’s a fee for him to participate. We asked if he could try it out one day and they let him, but suggested we wait a few months.  So, we will see. Needless to say, in the coming months I’m sure he’ll be enrolled in his first extra-curricular activity.
  • So, one more RJ thing! He recently had his 15 month check-up. All is well and he is on track with everything:)  However, he’s has entered the “I don’t want to eat” phase.  I’m trying everything, but nothing is sticking. Just when I think I’ve found something he likes to eat, the very next day he refuses it.  I keep getting notes from school that he’s not eating his lunch or only eating small portions of it.  The only thing he eats consistently are fruit cups. However,as to two days ago, he’s anti-peaches!! His doctor said if he becomes extremely picky to start giving him a vitamin, but continue trying a variety of foods. Any other suggestions for our picky eater?
  • Lent begins tomorrow. Last year I gave up Facebook & Twitter. I think I’m going to do that again.  It will be hard because Twitter gets me through my quiet days at work.  *Like today* However, I feel the need for a social media break.  I can’t give up my computer completely, so I’ll still blog, sporadically, LOL.  I haven’t decided what else I want to give up, but I feel it should be food related! 🙂  Do you recognize Lent? If so, what are you letting go or adding.  Yes, it’s not all about sacrifice, you can add something: Volunteer, pray more, mediate, spend more time with family and loved ones, etc.
  • Several months ago, I wrote this post about one of my ESL students who died suddenly.  His wife still attends classes at my center. She has been trying to secure a job, but to no avail. They owned a home that she can’t afford on her own, so she is selling it.  Luckily, for her,  she has found a buyer. The sad news is that she will be moving, as early as next week, to Boston. She doesn’t have any children, but she has family there.  It will be easier for her, and her little dog;)  She has a great support system her but she just can’t do it on her own.  I will miss her.  She such a sweet woman, but you can see the sadness in her eyes. I hope that this new start will be good for her and one day she finds happiness and love again.


  • Reply Amber February 21, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    We love Gymboree! BUT, since CC isn’t in daycare or around other kids often, she gets sick every time she goes. Her immune system just isn’t strong enough to handle all the germs, and my husband doesn’t take her often enough to build it up. So, we actually made the decision this morning to freeze our enrollment. It was fun while it lasted, though!

    About the food aversions…is he teething? CC has had a huge shift in her appetite and preferences lately, and she’s cutting 4 teeth all at the same time!

    • Reply Jenni February 21, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      I hear you about the germs and immune system. RJ has been going to daycare since late July and I still feel like he’s sick every other week!
      Yes, he is teething and he’s also cutting 4 at the same time. He cut 4 bottom teeth at the same time but that went a lot better. Now he’s cutting upper teeth the canines and 1st molars. I just want him to eat real food. I think he’s going to starve to death!!
      As I type this, Hubby is successfully feeding him dry fruit loops. I tried homemade mac & cheese, ravioli, and chopped up hot dogs…he didn’t want any of it.

  • Reply Cam | Bibs & Baubles February 27, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    You were not alone on the Whitney tear fest. It was major over here!

    I haven’t tried Gymboree yet. We’ve taken advantage of many of the classes my son’s daycare offers though. They keep him really busy during the week.

    So sad about your student. Hopefully Boston will be a good change for her.

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