• Today is day 9 of my ten day work stint. I’m so ready for the weekend! We were invited to two parties this Saturday, both out of town. We declined both.  I just want to stay close to home and relax.  Last month was a little busy, travel wise, that coupled with work, makes me just want to stay home and hopefully get some things done around here.  Plus, every time we go out of town we have to board the dogs that can be costly for back to back trips. I had to take Bailey for her annual check up & thyroid check a couple of weeks ago. That was almost $200 and she has to go back in a few weeks for all day testing to make sure her new medication dosage is correct!
    SN: This thyroid issue with Bailey is something we will deal with for the rest of her life. Every six months we take her in for blood work to make sure her levels are good. If they change her dosage, we have to take her back every few weeks until they find the dosage that keeps her levels in normal range! Yes, I know it’s a lot, but she is our doggie baby:)
  • Speaking of staying close to home, Saturday night is date night for me and the Hubby!! We are doing dinner and a movie. We haven’t been to the movies since I was pregnant, and that was early in the pregnancy.  I just hope RJ is good for the sitter.  My coworker is the sitter, the last time we got her to watch him, he was 3 months.  We don’t do daycare, so he can be a little funky with anyone other than us. *Another reason we are doing date night* I don’t want him to be the kid no one wants to keep because he cries for his Mommy all the time. So, we have decided to try and leave him with a sitter, at least once a month, in hopes of getting him use to other people.
  • RJ is an official busy body!! This little boy is everywhere and gets into EVERYTHING!! It’s all happening so fast. People keep telling me he is getting out of the way for the next one. Ummm, I don’t think so.  I’m the woman who planned, not only to have a baby, but the exact month of conception so I would be on maternity leave Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s! *True story* That being said, I would really like at least two years between kids.  So, there is no rush for RJ to get out of the way!! Slow down baby:)
  • Someone broke into the home of our neighbors, across street.  I feel really bad because I was probably home when it happened and had no clue.   The robbers ransacked the home and took some items including cash.  They didn’t go upstairs, though, because of the 5 dogs. *So robbers are bold enough to break into a home in broad daylight, but are afraid of dogs!? *  Anyway, the neighbors have an alarm system but they don’t activate it during the day because they are always coming and going. I got on them about that! When I’m home or away, during the day, the alarm is on. I figure, between the  dogs barking and the alarm going off someone will come and help me, should anything happen.  Better safe than sorry, right?

Busy Body

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