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We spent the Saturday and Sunday in Charlotte with friends, something we haven’t done in a couple of years.  *Life is hectic* Anywho, our friend took an usie using his new Android phone and I was IN LOVE with the picture quality. Hubby and I each have the iPhone 4s.  The selfie photos are grainy and awful.  I not saying I’m leaving #teamiphone, but a new phone is definitely in the near future.

10 years ago this guy introduced his best friend to his sister/friend/coworker and the rest is ourstory...

10 years ago this guy introduced his best friend to his sister/friend/coworker and the rest is ourstory…

I’d convinced myself that I was going to spend my Fridays off this summer repainting the downstairs of our townhome.  I’m kinda over the green that I loved so much.  Well, just the thought of taping off the walls is too daunting.  We hope to put this house on the market in a year or two. So, the new owners will have to get rid of my green walls!  Instead of painting, I’m going to finish organizing my kitchen, laundry and coat closets.

Have you ever been on the fence about something and felt your indecisiveness was hindering how you moved forward? Well, that has been me for the last year or so. I think I’m finally comfortable with my decision and it is well because I’m starting to see beyond it. Know thyself.

Hillary Clinton has done what we all knew was going to happen and announced she’s running for president.  I’m kind of meh on Hills right now.  We need more people… Not as many as those running for the Republican nomination, but more people.  This girl needs options.

One of my friends started an exercise accountability group on FB.  I joined but the constant notifications from other members of the group are annoying me!! That’s partly because I only know the person who started the group. Therefore, I could careless about what the other women are eating or if they are too sick to workout this week.  The other issue is I don’t think constantly writing down that I stayed in my calorie range or that I did or didn’t workout is for me. *Yes, I post the occasional Spin class or sneakers on pavement IG shots, but daily? Nah* Moral of the story, accountability groups aren’t for me. The more you know…

This weekend my job is hosting its 50th anniversary gala.  One of RJ’s teachers is going to babysit.  Another teacher is getting married at a local park earlier that day. She invited all the teachers and kids in her class.  In an effort not to miss the wedding, the babysitting teacher is going to pick up RJ and take him to the wedding with her.  Then, they’ll come back to our house for the remainder of the night and we don’t have to pay her for the early hours.  We tried a sitting agency and really liked it and another teacher kept him 2 weeks ago.  With now immediate family in the area, I’m all about babysitting options.

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  • Reply She'sWrite August 2, 2015 at 5:11 am

    I hear you on the accountability groups. If I know at least two other people in there then it’s OK, other than that, it’s just a bunch of women either bragging about their work outs or whining about why they didn’t work out. At least that’s how I perceive it, so I’ve stopped doing the accountability groups with folks I don’t know. Hope the kitchen reorganizing and everything has been going well! 🙂

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