Thoughts on Whole30…or…Whole28

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about Hubby and I starting Whole30. We were about a week in at the time. Well last Friday would have been day 30. However, we were in NYC on vacation so, even with our best intentions, our Whole30 became Whole28. Anyway I wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. 

First, most people want to know if we loss weight. The answer is yes! I loss 8lbs and 2 inches from my waist. Hubby loss 14lbs. I can only imagine the results if we had been consistently exercising. So, let me jump right into what we thought about the plan.

What we didn’t like:

Is this something we will commit too or make a lifestyle. The answer is no. The restrictions of Whole30 are just too much for us. Giving up all the things, all at once is not sustainable for us. I cook at lot but to do Whole30 right you pretty much have to cook every meal you eat. Look, with work, maintaining home and RJ that’s not always feasible.  Not to mention the days when I just don’t want to be in the kitchen. Also, I miss rice or pasta as an option.  

What we liked:

We liked that we were forced to pay attention to the sugar content of everything. It’s everywhere and limiting our sugar consumption will be something we continue to do. 

My husband realized he can go with out dairy and is stomach is grateful. He will drastically cutback if not eliminate is dairy consumption completely. 

Though I miss pasta, rice and bread we will probably reduce the amount we eat. 

Things we didn’t expect:

Sticking to the plan for as long as we did. We even traveled earlier in the month and stuck to the plan while our friends ate all kinds of food, dessert and drank alcohol.  I took our snacks with us and when we ate out we stuck to the plan. Instead of alcohol, I took kombucha for us. 

I actually made my own mayo and ranch dressing and it’s something I wouldn’t even mind doing now!

Homemade ranch dressing

Friends and family questioning why we were doing it. I had one friend tell me we didn’t need to do something so drastic because we aren’t really big. True we aren’t obese, but we can be healthier. I think our overall health will be better because of Whole30. It was the jump start we needed. 

Now, the plan is to be more diligent about adding in the exercise piece of the puzzle and continue our healthy living journey.

Would you consider Whole30? What steps are you taking towards a healthier lifestyle? 

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  • Reply LaShawn July 6, 2017 at 7:42 am

    I have completed a whole 30 and never ever want to try it again. Like Never. I will do low carb and I do pay attention to sugar content in food now!

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