The Skin I’m In

Several months ago,  I started noticing a rash on the knuckles of my hands, my neck and a small spot on the left side of my mouth. Initially, I thought I’d come into contact with something I was allergic to. *Last summer I learned I’m allergic to just about everything in the environment, grasses, trees, mold, pet hair you name it!*  So, I reached for tubes of hydrocortisone. When that failed, I went to a dermatologist. Due to my job and insurance change last Summer, I had to find a new doctor (Dr. A).  I met with Dr. A and didn’t like him at all. He walked in the room glanced at my face, sat down in a chair across from me and said, ” You have eczema, use this Rx hydrocortisone cream for a few days and you should be fine…

A good day. No flaking, minimal itching.

Well, I wasn’t! My skin was itchy, flaky and burning, constantly! I found another derm I wanted to go to but they were on taking new patients by referral.  So, I went to my family doctor for a referral. I told him I’d been to a doctor already but didn’t like him at all. He asked who the doctor was and I told him.   Come to find out he had other patients complain about Dr. A as well. *He no longer refers patients to that doctor:)*  I was excited about the new referred derm (Dr. B) until I was told I’d have to wait until November to see a doctor!? Ummmm I was told this in late April or early May! I tried to tough it out.  I found home remedies online such as oatmeal scrubs. I tried Eucerin Calming cream, it burns like Hell, not very calming AT ALL! My girlfriend sells NONI products so I tried a facial spray they make.  Some of these products did give me some relief but not sustainable relief.

So, I was on the hunt for yet another doctor. I kept my November appointment with Dr. B, just in case the next doctor was a bust!  I called the new doctor  (Dr. C) last week and was given an appointment for this past Wednesday!!!  Once there, I explained to the first nurse what I’d been experiencing. As I was telling her my symptoms she was finishing my sentences. So, I was confident that at least she was familiar with my problems. The doctor then came in with his assistant. He was pleasant and took time to answer all of my questions.  He explained that I was going through a bad eczema flare up. I asked him is if it was normal for a 32 year old to just develop eczema out of the blue if they never had it as child?  He said he has patients as old a 80 just develop the condition, so yes. Then he prescribed a plan to get mine under control.  I was given a steroid shot *in my behind* there in the office and prescribed one low dose prednisone pill a day for 2 weeks as well as a jar of Rx cream to apply on my skin.   I’ll go back in 2 weeks for a check up.  The nurse then gave me this  list of dos and don’ts:

Some of them, I was already doing. However, it will take time to get use to #4. I love a long, HOT shower!  Then, I asked her if this was something I would have to do for a month or so or the rest of my life. She said this would be a lifestyle change and I would have to do this for the rest of my life.  I cried! One, I was happy to know what was wrong and to finally have a game plan, but mainly because of #6.  I’d planned to take swim lessons this summer *nope, I don’t know how* . Then, I thought about missing pool time with RJ and not being able to do Mommy and Me swim lessons with him next year.  Oh well, I guess we’ll always have the ocean.  Now, I’m on the hunt for swim lessons in a salt water pool….

After just a couple of days, I’m noticing some changes. I’m not waking up with flaky, dry patches of skin and the itching has reduced drastically! I think I may cancel my November appointment with Dr. B:)

Do you or your kids have eczema? What do you do to keep it under control?


  • Reply glossedmimi June 15, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    My son had it very bad as a baby on his face but he grew out of it. They told us to use Aveeno and I have always heard that the product is great for eczema. I know its great to know exactly what the issue is and how to rectify it even if it means you can’t get in the swimming pool 🙁

    • Reply Jenni June 15, 2012 at 12:57 pm

      Thanks. I bought some Aveeno lotion and so far so good!

  • Reply Cam - Bibs & Baubles June 15, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    I’ve had it since I was a little girl. It’s out of control with this pregnancy. Usually a little Cortaid keeps mine under control. It is a whole new lifestyle. You’ll get used to it.

    • Reply Jenni June 17, 2012 at 3:59 pm

      @ Cam- I’m getting use to it and my skin has improved tremendously already!
      @ Roses Daughter – I’ve been using All free and clear for a while, I just had to switch from dryer sheets to liquid softener. So far I’m very pleased with how my skin is clearing. Thanks for sharing ladies!

  • Reply Rose's Daughter June 15, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Pookah has eczema. It was really really bad before we figured out what it was. I washbEVERYTHING in tide free and clear. Sheets clothes everything. Cetaphil is WONDERFUL! Get the cream in the jar, not the lotion. And for flare ups we do have a steroid cream. But as long as we keep him moisturizer daily, he is usually ok. GOOD LUCK!

  • Reply Amber Wright (@mrswrightsays) June 18, 2012 at 12:21 am

    CC had some a small case of eczema when she was an infant. We started using Shea Moisture products for her baths and Aveeno for her skin and it improved almost right away. Have you tried using African Black Soap on your skin? It has calming qualities and does wonders for the skin. I love it!

    • Reply Jenni June 18, 2012 at 11:09 am

      I’ve heard about African Black soap but I’ve never used it. I may give it a try. Thanks.

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