The Sickness, The Crying Game & The Speech

This past week was a BUSY one for us here at The M Spot.  Hubby and RJ both got sick. RJ with fever, the grossest case of congestion, and infections in both ears. Hubby with a sore throat and a nagging cough.  I, too, have had a sore throat for a few days, but in true “Mommy” fashion I’m just rolling with it. *If it doesn’t go away soon, I’ll do something about  it.*  On top of the sickness, my co-manager is on vacation for a week and a half. So, we were rushing to get data and other things done before she left. Also, as you know from this post, my grandmother died and we spent this past weekend in the Lowcountry for the funeral.

I took RJ to the doctor last Thursday. He got some antibiotics and the fever finally went away. He went back to daycare this morning!! However, while we were staying in Charleston this weekend, I let him sleep in the bed with us. I asked the hotel for a pack n play, but got freaked out by the possible germs, though I brought my own cleaning supplies and his sheets from home! Mommy mistake #110!! Last night he slept for about 3 hours in his crib then started screaming bloody murder! I couldn’t console him and letting him cry it out wasn’t working. Apparently, he had A LOT to cry out!! Hubby finally just got him and put him in the bed with us. We are hoping praying that after he gets back into his daycare routine today, his bedtime routine will be easier. *fingers & toes crossed*

Though his symptoms had subsided a little this weekend, Hubby woke up this morning clinging to the last little bit of his voice. He went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics. *Is it just me, or are grown ass men worse sick patients than toddlers?!*

I made it through my speech and my grandmother’s funeral. I got choked up a little in the beginning, but I held it together. I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while trying to get into the church. It was POURING rain Saturday. I was attempting to cross a  lake puddle and the split in dress split some more!! Though, people were telling me it wasn’t that bad, I could feel my behind at the top of the split!! To me, it felt like the Angelina Jolie Oscar split, but in the back and not on the side. *Ummm sticking out my butt at my grandmother’s funeral was NOT and option!* So, I delivered my speech standing next to a wall in a corner of the church, instead of at the podium at the front of the church.  In true Jenni fashion, I did announce, to more than 100 people, *It was standing room only* that I had a wardrobe malfunction and that’s why I was being a wall flower! Most laughed, some were like “What the hell is a wardrobe malfunction?” LOL  Anyway, I think my grandmother would have been proud of me. Actually, I know she is.


  • Reply Kita March 5, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Whew you had a lot going on but I am glad things are almost back to normal. Men are babies even if they are not sick I took mines in the grocery store with me and omg I had to talk to him just as much as the kids.

    • Reply Jenni March 5, 2012 at 10:20 pm

      Hilarious!! Early last week I had to fuss at RJ Hubby for playing on the bed! SMH

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