The Party, The Snow & The Sickness

We spent this past weekend in Charlotte. RJ was supposed to attend the 1st birthday party of his godsister. However, her mom, my bff, came down with a virus so I went alone and RJ spent the day with his dad, uncle Dwayne & cousin Sanaa. We had a great weekend visiting with friends and RJ even slept through the night Friday & Saturday. *side note* Xbox Kinect is the TRUTH!!! I could have spent the entire weekend playing that system! Dance central and the sports games will work you out!

We got back in town Sunday, in time to pick up the girls and get to the grocery store before SNOmg 2011 hit! So we were on the verge of being snowed in for days an I got sick. I mean SICK! This was big for me because I rarely get sick but I was knocked on my…well you know… Not only was I sick but it also affected my milk production, which I’m still trying to get back to normal. The lactation consultant suggested some herbs but we are snow and iced in:( However, it is picking up a little bit, after a lot of pumping:) Then just when I started to feel better last night, Hubby got ill! What a way to spend snow days! At least the dogs are enjoying the snow, well now it’s more like ice.  We are a household on the mend but we’re still snowed in!

In other news:

  • Tomorrow my baby boy will be two months old:) Wow, the time is flying, not to worry, I’m taking lots of pictures!
  • Thursday is our 4 year wedding anniversary:) We are supossed to celebrate by going to dinner on Friday night. RJ would spend a few hours with a sitter for the very first time. We may reschedule for next week, with the sickness an all. 


A pic of the birthday girl and random RJ pics:)

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