The Land of “NO”

My toddler is driving me crazy!  After last weeks remarkable potty training efforts, the bottom has fallen out.  He’s still going at school, a little. However, He is anti-potty at home. It’s like pulling teeth. Nothing is working. Not M&Ms, Thomas stickers, cool new big boy undies, or the need to be considered “a big boy”.  On top of that, he pretty much refuses to do anything I ask him too.  Yep, he appears to totally anti-Mommy:(

Over the last several days, his end of conversations with me have gone like this:

“I don’t want to brush my teeth.”

“I don’t want to do my eyes.” *Referring to the drops for his pink eye*

“I don’t want to go potty.”

“I don’t want go upstairs.”

“I don’t want to go downstairs.”

“No” “No” No”

Get the picture?

I’m not doing well with this 2 year old refusing to do what I tell him to do.  I’m also not doing well with him screaming for Daddy when he doesn’t get his way with me or doesn’t want to do what I tell him.   Last night and this morning were rough.  There was screaming from me and him.  *I’m a screamer/yeller, whatever. I try not to but I do.*  Both ended with me having to walk away from him.  I’m frustrated with the terrible twos and this new non-interest in going to the potty.

Figuring out this toddler is proving impossible!  I’ve read all of your posts on potty training.  I’m aware of the progress and regression.  However, it’s like we took 5 steps forward and 30 back.  I’m trying not to push him to go.  I just want to be done with pull-ups!

Before he went at school for the first time, we hadn’t been pushing with the potty.  His doctor told me at his 2 year checkup that he could be 3 before he showed real interest in the potty.  So, we weren’t harping on it.  We’d ask every now and then, he’d say no and we’d keep it moving.  At school they got him to go because they said he could go to the next class without being trained.  Totally not true, but they tried and it seemed to work, so we jumped on board.  He was doing so well.  I had a glimpse into the future and it was filled with outings without stuffing pull-ups, wipes and Destin in my tote!  It was lovely…sigh…

I’ll keep trying.

Trying to encourage going on the potty and trying not to snatch him up for telling me “NO”.


“It was all good just a week ago…”


  • Reply Kita March 7, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Ahhh the world of no it usually doesn’t stop until about 5. Then it starts the why phase. Why do I have to brush my teeth, why do I have to go to bed, why why why. Then he puts us into the mix well why do you get dessert….oommm because we are adults…..he says and…He only did that one time after I lit him up like a Christmas tree we had no more problems on that front.
    Potty training boys was harder for me. I didn’t start until he was 2 and it took me about 6 months to train him completely. The girl 2 months and she was done. Good luck they will get it and I am sure you will be happy to save money on pull ups.

  • Reply Nellie March 9, 2013 at 8:26 am

    My son just turned four and he doesn’t want to do ANYTHING unless it involves toys or ice cream 🙂 The potty training life is HARD omg I almost threw a party when I didn’t need pull ups anymore. Regardless of all the training we do, they won’t do it until they are ready, that is a lesson i learned the hard way! Keep trying I promise he will get it.

  • Reply Amber March 12, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Aww, hang in there, sweetie! Trust me, I know exactly what you’re talking about. N tries it with me on a daily basis! But like you said: they’re TWO! We are stronger willed than they are. What’s working for me is giving her choices. Either you do what I say, or there’ll be consequences! I’ve only had to follow through on that once or twice, for her to get the idea. I’ve also implemented counting (I learned that from you!) and that works, too.

    Now potty training is a whole other park after dark. I feel your pain about carrying around pull ups! I know we are lazier than we should be with training N. So we’re in this in between stage of her going when we take her (I stopped asking because the answer was always no, mommy!), but also wanting her to tell us when she has to go. At the end of the day, I don’t let it stress me out, because there are so many other things to stress out over! LOL Just like they stopped using pacifiers, nursing, and crawling…they’ll go potty on their own, too!


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