The Joys of Owning a Home

So, I get home from work last night, and the air in my neighborhood reeks of gas.  I called the gas company to report the smell.  I ask the dispatcher  if I need to stay until someone arrives, she says no.  We head to dinner but return to two voicemail messages.  First, the gas man calls to say he is coming out to check for a leak.  The next message, he says he found the leak and it is coming from outside of our house.  It is a grade 3 leak ( I Google and find that grade 3 is the lowest on the totem pole and typically non-hazardous.) and we can still use the heat and everything, as normal.

So I asked,”Well, are you coming back to fix it tonight.”

Repairman says, “Well it’s after 10pm so that will be $90… hour…. or I can come out tomorrow and it will be $45/hr.”

I say,”Ok, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Repairman, “What time is good for you?”

Me, ” First thing in the morning.”

Repairman, “Oh, well I’ll try to get you in but I’ll call you first.”

So I have a couple issues with the events of last night.

  1. The smell of gas was STRONG outside and apparently no one else was concerned?! WTH!  We live in townhomes, people.  So, odds are if the house leaking the gas blows, EVERY HOUSE IN THAT UNIT BLOWS!!!! Pay attention to your neighborhood!
  2. Why the hell did the repairman ask me what time was good for me, as if he had nothing else to do today, only to turn around and say, ” Oh I’ll try to get to you then!”?!

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