The Great Stylist Search Continues…

Yesterday, I went to to a new hairstylist.  I really like my current stylist but she doesn’t do hair on the weekends. That was fine before RJ, but we don’t use daycare so every time I need to get my hair done, Hubby has to leave work early.  Also, I’m trying not to straighten my hair this Summer but due to time constraints, I don’t have time to sit under the dryer, so all she can do is straighten my hair.

Anyway, back to the new stylist.  First of all, I think my two previous stylists have made me a salon snob.  I like a certain atmosphere in a salon.  This place was an old house, which would be fine if it was taken care of inside and fully converted into a salon. The bathroom had a tub!  The “bedrooms” were converted into stylist rooms. Each stylist has her own room.  My stylist had the smallest. *I personally think it was actually a closet.*  Here is a clue as to how small it was.  Her shampoo chair was also her styling chair!! LOL   However, the common areas: the entrance, waiting room, and especially the dyer room, needs some work.  Just general housekeeping issues, noticeable dirt on the window sills, dust and dirt on the dryer chairs, closet doors missing, broken dryer chairs, peeling  paint, Ebony magazines from 2000! Come on people! This is a business, give clients the total experience, not just cute hair.

Speaking of cute hair, here are my thoughts on the stylist.  First, she tried to tell me my 10am appointment was really a 10:30am appointment. Ummm, no! So, then she realizes she was wrong.  There were two people there when I arrived.  She was finishing up a head an one was under the dryer.  It seemed that every thing would be on track. When she finished the first head, she washed my hair.  Then, somehow she thought I was getting my hair straightened.  I’m not sure how that thought came about because we never discussed what I wanted done to my hair.  So, she finishes head #2, and starts on my flexi rod set.  So, I’m thinking 10am appointment, wash & set, I should be out by noon, 12:30 at the latest. I didn’t leave there until 2:30pm!!!!

Here’s the thing, two more clients showed up after me, they waited right outside of her door and talked the entire time. So, while she is setting my hair, slowly, she is also having conversations about everything from Arnold & Maria to fashion.  In my years of hairstylist experience, I’ve learned not all stylist can carry conversations and be efficient at the same time.  She is a prime example.  I want a stylist that does hair on Saturdays, but I don’t want to spend my entire Saturday in a salon!

As for the styling itself, it was okay.  I got a flexi rod set and she clipped my ends.  Some stylist can be scissor happy, so I’m waiting for these tiny curls to drop to see if she clipped my ends or cut my hair.  Right now, I’m like where is my hair! Needless to say, the search for a Saturday stylist continues.  I know there is an efficient, works on Saturdays, healthy natural hair stylist some where in this city!

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