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It’s almost April and this is the first post I’ve written all year! It’s not that I’m void of things I want to write about, it’s just that I’m void of motivation to actually type out those things.  Real talk, for the last year or so I’ve only been renewing my hosting service in 3 month intervals and I usually don’t re-up until the day Bluehost says they’re going to shut it down! I’m just never sure if I want to keep it. Today was a re-up day and I extended the service for 6 months this time! Progress, right? This blog has been a digital recorder for my life.  Before I started typing this post, I went through the few posts I made last year and was like, “Oh yeah, I remember that.”  Maybe I’ll post more this year… However, we’re knocking on the 4th month of the year and this is my first post…….

As for what the guys and I have been up to last few months:

RJ is playing Coach Pitch A this season.  It’s going well his team has won 2 of their 3 games.  During the first game, a kid tagged him out at 3rd base and boy cried his eyes out! However, his next at bat he got a hit and his teammate batted him in to score a run.  He was SO excited! He called me to the dugout and told me, “Mommy, I fan fast that time and they couldn’t catch me!!”


He really likes playing catcher even though he can barely walk in the gear.

I’ve signed RJ up for his first summer camp. He and I will attend a summer reading program.  He will get a a jump start on reading before they really get into it in 4k and I’ll learn how to help him without tearing my hair out!

I attend my high school reunion last weekend.  I didn’t decided to go until I woke up that morning, but I’m glad I did.  Out of a class of about 60, I grew in the country in a very small school, 12 of us showed up, but we laughed so hard and had such a great time it didn’t matter.

We’re planning some mini vacations and trying to make a final decision on what we’re doing to RJ’s 5th birthday in November.  I originally wanted to take him to Disney, then I thought Disney cruise, then I thought about a nice Caribbean trip. RJ is in an “afraid of bad guys, villains & witches” phase.  So, I’m leery of spending lots of cash on Disney for him to turn around and have the breakdown he had a Legoland for his birthday.  When we ask him, he goes back and forth between Chuck E Cheese and Grandma & Grandpa’s house (NYC). Listening to him would definitely save us A LOT of $$$.




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