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I am feeling ambitious today!lol

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I LOVE FACEBOOK!  It goes beyond just reading the status of friends to see what there up to.  You get to see what you have missed in  their lives and makes you realize that while your life was evolving, so was theirs.  Oh course, I’m not an idiot! I was aware of it but Facebook lets you see it!  I have found or been found by  friends and family that I’ve haven’t seen or heard from in years. (Some have even brought me to tears)lol  The great part is when you talk to them and find out that they have been looking for, asking about and thinking of you too!

It all hasn’t worked out that way! I searched and searched for a long lost friend after we lost touch with each other.  When we were younger she basically became a part of my family, until she moved away.  Well,  I finally found her (on MySpace not the beloved Facebook)  she accepted my request, I posted a comment on her page and she never said anything back.  I was hurt because she obviously remembered me but I got nothing from her.   Maybe I brought back bad memories.  The circumstances under which she came to spend so much time with us weren’t ideal.  However, we (my family & I) were very good to her and still nothing!   I don’t get it but I’ll accept it and move on.  She

With the exception of that story, all of my experiences have been good ones!  Don’t get me wrong Facebook is definitely not all sentimental!LOL  However, I’m enjoying watching the evolution of friends and family!!!

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    Are you too busy to update this thing? We want updates. 23 days?

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