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  • Our vacation is booked for next month. Yeah, I’ve probably posted that we decided on Myrtle Beach months ago, but I’ve just booked it. Hubby and I had both settled on dates , then, he told me he may have to go to a conference in California. Of course, the conference would fall on the dates we settled on. So, we were in a holding pattern until the conference was actually yayed or nayed. Here’s the catch, the holding pattern was contingent upon Hubby writing up a proposal as to why he should go and he didn’t do that until this week! *Side eye to Hubby who will probably read this post.* Anyway, then he said if it was a go, we would tack more days onto our orginal vacay time and RJ and I would tag along!! Hello Cali…umm…not so fast. The request was denied, due to budget. So, hello Myrtle Beach!
  • My job’s biggest annual fundraiser was today. It’s a large used book sale. 127,000 books were donated over the course of two months and we will sell them for dirt cheap today. Seriously, no book was over $10!! I attended the sale before I worked for the organization and as a consumer I LOVED it. I worked yesterday and today because of the sale. I’m a little out of sorts because I’ve been off on Fridays for the last 2 12 months and this just makes my week feel so long. *Feel sorry for me!* Thankfully, I’ll got to shop while we set up Friday and I’ll still have 2 more weeks of work free Fridays after this week!
  • RJ had his 3 month after the ear tubes were placed check up yesterday. They checked to make sure his hearing was a ok and his speech wasn’t affected. I’m happy to announce he can hear just fine and his speech is perfect, well by nearly 2 standards. I knew that before the test, but reassurance is great.

The books I purchased for $7, me heading to work, the crowd rush when we opened the doors at 8:30.

  • RJ and I went to Barnes and Noble after his ENT appointment. They were just finishing up storytime, I think we will be attending in the near future, and we’d wandered over to the section where the storytime parents and kids were sitting. One little boy, in particular, seemed interested in RJ and when I looked down at RJ, he was smiling and pointing at the boy. I thought to myself that they must have had some unspoken toddler code thing going. Then, the little boy’s mom said, “Who is that?” and the little boy exclaimed, “RJ!!” WHOA! Hold up! How do you know my child? Turns out they attend the same daycare and according to Hubby, I told him about the encounter later, the boys were actually in the same class for several months. So, I’m on the PTA board of the daycare. I know all about where the school money goes, upcoming programs and events, but I have know clue who’s in my own child’s class:| In my defense, I RARELY take RJ to or pick him up from daycare because it’s 10mins from Hubby’s job and 25-30 from mine. However, I really must do better!!
  • We picked up our photobook of our family pictures last weekend! I love it. Also, because I mentioned the photographer here at The M Spot, and didn’t crop her logo out of the photos in this post, she gave us a free 8×10!! Giving credit where it’s due pays off.

  • In the coming months, we are going to turn our guest bedroom into RJ’s big boy bedroom. It’s larger than his nursery and he needs more space. So, we’re going to swap out the rooms. His current room is the perfect size for a nursery or office. As a guest bedroom, I’ve estimated that it will only hold the queen sized bed and that will be a very tight fit. However, we rarely have overnight guests or any guests for that matter! I’m going to keep the color scheme in his current room in case we have another baby and it needs to function as a nursery again. We will probably change the light gray color currently in his new room or keep it but add some red and or blue. I, recently, saw some nice sports themed wall decor in Hobby Lobby that I’m contemplating. Much to Hubby’s delight, RJ loves watching and playing baseball with his Daddy. I know I want to do focal alphabet wall with the letters in varying sizes, colors and patterns. I purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby a couple days ago. Some of them I will paint myself. I’m also debating whether I want to try my hand at painting a section of wall with chalkboard paint below the letters or just buy him a chalkboard/dry erase easel. Decisions. Decisions.
  • I finally figured out how to change the settings on my blog so I can respond to each individual comment instead of typing one mass response… Yeah, I’m JUST figuring that out! 😐

Chalkboard painted circle.

Alphabet wall.

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