Thanksgiving is Over…2 Lessons Learned

Well the holidays are in full swing! The long drive to NYC for Thanksgiving went pleasingly well.  Though he was fussy at times, RJ did well on the way there and back.  It was a short trip, so we had to cram a lot into a few days.  We didn’t get to see everyone.  If your family is like mine, I’m sure that made some a little huffy, but it is what it is.  I probably could have squeezed in some visits on Friday, but I didn’t.  I wanted to do something that resembled a vacation, on my vacation.  So, I spent the day in Manhattan, Hubby & child free, shopping with my sister and niece.  That is the thing about travelling to NYC, we know too many people there. Everyone wants to see your face, especially the baby.  However, by the time we make it to everyone, we’ve spent our entire trip house hopping and haven’t done anything WE wanted to do.  When we were dating, we would take a couple of days of my NYC visit and stay in a hotel in the City. We’d enjoy our time shopping, sightseeing and doing vacationy  things.  It was wonderful. The rest of the trip we would designate to family and friends, house hopping.  Lesson 1: We should start doing that again. That way, we feel like we were actually on a family vacation and RJ would get to experience NYC.

Lesson 2: Fly, Fly, Fly! I admit I’m an over packer. I had this problem even before the baby. It hs gotten a lot worse with him.  I pretty much pack up his room and take it with us when we travel…anywhere!  Because of this,and it’s simply cheaper, we have been travelling by car.  Also, we like having our own transportation.  Well, his trip was super short, and a 12hour drive with a quick turnaround is not a bright idea. Not to mention, the traffic jams on the return were horrendous.  From now on, I’ll learn to pack light, we will start searching for cheap fares way in advance and we will take to the skies.

All-in-all the trip was nice, short and sweet.  I’m happy to be home. Though will probably travel to Charleston for Christmas, it will be very quiet laid back holiday in our house.  I will have TWO WEEKS off and I didn’t have to put in a vacation request for them!!! I’m so excited about this:) *This did not happen EVER in my old job, so if I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, excuse me.  At that job, even if a holiday fell on my normal day off, there was no guarantee I would have that day off.  I’m so thankful for the blessing of career change!* Anyway, I’m getting the house ready for Christmas and holiday cheer! I can’t wait to take RJ to see the various holiday lights displays and parades.  Is your family planning a trip to a Christmas lights display, parade, or play?


  • Reply MrsTDJ December 1, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Glad you guys had a good trip and I totally understand there not being enough time. I only get to see half the folks on each trip to NY and I’m on the phone for days after explaining that it simply wasn’t possible to do EVERYTHING or see EVERYONE. We’re heading to a local park that does a huge light display that we’ll drive through at least twice this season. I’m excited already!

  • Reply kita December 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    It’s never enough time especially when so many people want to see you and you want to do other stuff. Yay for Charleston I am going home in January to do a party I can’t wait I miss it so much.

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