Summer Plans

Due to the economy and the fact that I want to take a really big vacation next year, Ralph and I have decided to stay closer to home this summer.  This summer will be spent spending time with family and friends.  When my aunt passed away and all of us got together, I really enjoyed being around my family!

This past weekend, we spent time with my oldest friend and her family.  She was my very first friend.  Our mothers were close friends.  They were co-workers and single mothers in Brooklyn.  They each only had one child, both girls.   We were best friends and partners in crime!  Through life’s twists and turns we lost touch and found each other several times.  I found her this last time via Facebook!  I was overjoyed to see her for the first time in eight years, as she received her MBA.  We spent time with her family catching up and reminiscing. It was wonderful.

So I’m looking forward to more moments like that this summer.  Good times with family and friends.  Lots of stories, pictures, laughter, love and food!

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