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If you have a Facebook page, I’m sure you’ve read a lot of status updates and thought to yourself, “Really, you just wrote that on Facebook for all to read?!” . If you’re like me, you’ve blocked a few of those “friends” becuase you don’t care to know about the fight they had with that “B” down the street, or the tons of subliminal statuses about he, she it or they, who are always in said “friends” business.  Well, this past week I came across a couple Facebook statuses that made me think, “What is about Facebook that makes people put intimate details of their lives out there for the world to see?”

Note: I’m using their stories in my post because, well, I feel it’s fair game since they’ve put it out there! No names are used and my page is private.

Last week I read a status about a friend of  mine who discovered a child he’d loved and cared for wasn’t his and how the fall out from that lead to a physical altercation with the mother. *Yes, he actually wrote he went “Chris Brown” on her! SMDH* He also posted a recent HIV test because he says she was casting doubt to others about his health status. What the Hell!! These thoughts swirled in my head: He freaking hit her and is not ashamed to tell people.  Why is this on Facebook? Why the need to prove the status of your health to people you haven’t seen in years? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Sunday, as I was scrolling through my FB timeline on my phone, I came across the status of close relative…really close.  It began like this, “Yes, I’m bisexual…” I think I stopped breathing for just a second.  Not because I wanted rush out and find holy water to sprinkle on them and “cure” them, but I was TOTALLY caught off guard.  As I said, this is a close relative and coming out is a big deal! However, it’s not something I prefer to find out right after a read a status about the cookie Kevin ate for breakfast.  Would you want to scroll down your Facebook timeline and find out your best friend, sister, brother, etc. is got married,had a child or died?!  To me this news was on that scale.  Also, I have no clue if this person told their immediate family: parents, grandparents, siblings, before the post. I’m praying very hard that was the case.  I can understand the need to come out,  but I think that respect for your loved ones should play a part, too.  Anderson Cooper came out yesterday *well, to those who live under a rock*, but his family and close friends have known for years. He came out publicly, via letter, to millions of people who don’t know him on an intimate level.  My response to my family member’s status was a simple “love you lots”. True and heartfelt statement.  I wanted to type “love you lots, but did you tell your momma before you typed this?”  However, I didn’t want to seem as if I was putting conditions on the “love” with the “but“.

Have you ever been floored by a Facebook status or read one that made you ask WHY?WHY?WHY?

What is it about Facebook that makes people want to poor out their inner-most thoughts, feelings and drama?


  • Reply Say Something Kita (@Kreative10) July 3, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Wow that’s a bit too much. I use facebook to promote my magazine and my blog. I rarely put status updates on there and if I do it’s just to say hi. I understand the need for people to tell someone but some things should not be said.

  • Reply Alex Jones July 3, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Got to love Facebook, the things people will share. I won’t touch Facebook.

  • Reply RosesDaughter (@RosesDaughter) July 7, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    yes. I found out that one of my so called besties was pregnant on facebook. And not just a few weeks….8 months along! AND I’ve found out about two of my long time friends are gay ON facebook. I was like, Dog, you couldn’t tell me in person? I guess some people are more open and honest online because they don’t have to “see” how you react?? My problem is that facebook is too open. Even with all the privacy, a friend of a friend of a friend can see stuff you post if someone they know comments on it. Not cool. I use facebook for photos for my mom, networking and catching up on old friends. That’s all.

  • Reply Cam - Bibs & Baubles July 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    you know Facebook is crazy that way. The worst offenders are my younger cousins. Anything goes with them. Boundaries do NOT exist!

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