Speaking of: Birthdays, Clothes & Easter

I spent this past week in a frenzy.  Hubby’s birthday was Friday and I wanted to do something for him.  About three weeks ago, I started planning a surprise trip to Charlotte to hang out with friends for the weekend.  We hadn’t been in several months, really unlike us, so I thought a good time would be had by all. I spent that Friday morning before I left for work, Hubby leaves before me, and my lunch break packing for the three of us and taking the dogs to Petsmart for their weekend stay.  I get home before him so loaded up the car when I got off work.  When he got home from work, I surprised him with balloons and a small personal sized cake from one of our favorite bakeries. Then I told him to change his clothes so we could leave. He thought we were going out for dinner and then we hit 85 North!   Our friends in Charlotte cooked dinner and invited a couple of people over. I also had them get Hubby more balloons and I purchased a large, official, birthday cake that I took with us.  He was very surprised and we had a great weekend.

Speaking of birthdays, we are in the throws of 2 year old birthday party-palooza!! It started last month when RJ attended his first classmate’s birthday party.  Now, it seems that there is a new invitation in his bag everyday.  Our next 4 Saturdays are booked with birthday parties. 3 of those are parties of his classmates.  He is one of the youngest kids in the class, he was just placed there last month. The majority of the kids are turning two, as evident by the influx of invites.  I do appreciate that some of the parents have requested No Gifts on the invite.  I like the idea. RJ got a ton of gifts for his birthday, but he only plays with the same few toys. We have a toy box filled with things he doesn’t care about. I think I’m going to donate some of them.

So, St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday. I normally don’t care, but I saw the cutest “Kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt for RJ in Carter’s several weeks ago. *Hubby is Puerto Rican, Italian & Irish* However, against my better judgement, I didn’t buy the shirt. I went to the store yesterday, of course his size was gone:(  I’m so mad at myself. I will never do that again. I’m obsessed with getting him some kind of St. Patty’s Day shirt, so the search continues.

Speaking of clothes,why is it so hard to find cute Easter or church outfits for toddler boys?? I’m bombarded with cute frilly dresses in florals and pastels for little girls in every clothing store.  Ummmmm little boys need something to wear to church, too!! I’ve found outfits but most I don’t deem church appropriate or they are for bigger boys.  Oh well at least I have a few more weeks.

Speaking of Easter, I’m so ready!! Hubby signed us up with the United Way to create an Easter basket for an underprivileged little girl.  I went to Target and with help from my sister, via cell phone, had a blast! *I’m sure I was quite annoying laughing and yapping all through the store, but we had so much fun!* Anyway, now I’m ready to decorated the house for Easter/Spring and get started on RJ’s basket.  I purchased a personalized one for him from Pottery Barn last year. I’m not big on filling them with just candy. So his, like the little girl’s, will have games, books, and any other cute things I can find. I also do a basket for Hubby, his IS  just filled with candy!! Also, we didn’t do it last year, but one of my fave restaurants does an awesome Easter brunch and we are SO there this year!! Yes, I have a clear understanding about the “true” purpose of Easter, but the baskets, food and family time complete the day! Don’t you think?


  • Reply Amber Wright (@mrswrightsays) March 15, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It’s the one holiday that our faith hinges on, so I love to celebrate it as well! I think I’m going to put a basket together for CC. I enjoyed getting them as a child.

    I think it’s nice that RJ is making friends! That’s the downfall of CC being home and not it daycare. She doesn’t have any friends with birthday parties to get invited to. *sad face* That day will come eventually, though.

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  • Reply Saywhatuwanna (@colorcoated10) March 15, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I love Easter especially the pastel colors. The birthday parties seem to all be back to back for some reason. Happy bday to your hubs my hubs birthday is Monday and I think I am going to just buy him a cake and celebrate at home.

  • Reply Cam | Bibs & Baubles March 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Your husbands birthday sounds like it went off great! What a wonderful surprise for him.

    I totally agree it is so hard to find Easter clothes for little boys. It’s like they totally forget that boys need dressed up stuff as well.

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