It has been exactly 1 month since my last post! What can I say, I got sidetracked! I really wanted to blog, things just kept getting in the way, honest! Don’t blame me, blame these culprits:

  • I worked a totally different shift for a week(9:30am-6:30pm) didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, go figure. *Hey you 9to5’ers, how do you get things done with a one hour lunch break and a 3 hour window of opportunity b/tw when you get off and everything closes?*
  • I started reading these damn Harry Potter books! (They are so addictive, just about finished with book 3)
  • My uncle had a heart attack (he is ok but…..well I’ll just say, I don’t think everyone fully understands what a gift and blessing life is.)
  • Last but the biggest sidetracker- I got a BlackBerry! If you have one then I need not type anything else, if you don’t, you can’t miss what you never had! Keep that in mind and don’t get one.  They don’t call them CrackBerries for nothing!

See, I told you!

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