Showerpalooza Weekend

We had a very busy but very fun weekend! My sister flew in Friday. She was supposed to fly in here in SC but the tropical storm Nicole nixed that plan.  So, my sister flew straight to Charlotte an we had a friend pick her up.  I was really looking forward to having her with me at my work shower/lunch but it was fine.

The work shower was great.  The little one got some very cute things and the quiche was wonderful!!(Side Note: Brick Street Cafe has some of the BEST quiche.) Hubby and I headed for Charlotte later that evening and I finally got to see my sister.  The three of us had a great dinner with our friend and his daughter at one of my faves, Merts Heart and Soul.  Saturday, I introduced my sister to what I believe is THE BEST hot spiced chai latte ever at Belk’s SouthPark:) YUM-O.  We then had a great breakfast an in the blink of an eye, it was time for our baby shower.

The shower was a blast! I got to see all my closest friends and their babies.  It was everything I thought it would be! Just about everyone showed up.  I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years:)  I was a little emotional in the beginning.(The tears were flowing) We really enjoyed ourselves. (Side Note: Thank you ladies for the meatballs and the cheese plate!) That night I convinced a few of our friends to join us at Maggiano’s for a LATE dinner. ( Who can say no to the pregnant woman?!)  A good time was had by all, considering we were some of the last people to leave.  (Side Note: Hubby and I wore our medal and tiara to the dinner as well!)

Our fab weekend was capped off with a maternity photo shoot with the wonderful Wendy! I have to say, I enjoyed that shoot more than our engagement or wedding shoots.  We took the photos in her studio in Rock Hill. She showed us some shots on her camera and I can’t wait to see the finished product!  I think I fell in love with my Hubby and being pregnant all over again! It was such a great experience. (I was even comfortable and brave enough to take fully nude shots) Don’t worry, you will NEVER see those!  Definitely, NOT, The M Spot or Facebook  material! LOL Also, I had her work her lighting magic to make me look flawless! LOL Tricks of the trade! Demi Moore, I am not!

We have one more shower this coming Monday. Hubby’s co-workers are hosting that one. When that one is done, I’ll be all showered out! *Whew*

Just discovered this slideshow feature:)

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