Shower and Shelves

The first baby’s shower was wonderful! We had a great time.  Our family suffered a couple of losses this past week, so not everyone was able to attend.  However, we still enjoyed ourselves.  *Please keep my family in your prayers* 

This week we’re taking it easy and getting little odds and ends done around the house.  This past Sunday, Hubby put up the shelves in the nursery.  I ordered them from The Container Store. They came with anchors for the screws going into walls without studs (our case). Well, the screws were two and a half inches long and the anchors were crappy and small.  Needless to say, they were not holding those shelves up!  Hubby was getting VERY frustrated. To save myself, I went to Lowe’s for some help! Two nice, Lowe’s gentlemen helped me find screws and anchors. They saved the day:) The shelves are up and lovely! 

*Side Note*
  This shelf project took 3 hours!!!

Doctor’s update: 

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  My hemoglobin levels have gone up so I won’t need the iron supplements anymore.  I haven’t gained any weight since my last visit. Also, there have been trace levels of protein in my urine on my last few visits.  The doctor has ordered my to eat (Healthy) and drink more water.  However, the baby is measuring right where she/he should, so the little one is getting what she/he needs.  The head is already down and the heartbeat is at about 140 beats/min!  








Lowe's saved the day!


1st smile in 3hrs!


I worked too!






Oh, Hubby painted the inside of the closet a few weeks ago!


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