I’m not sure how many of you participate in Lent.  In our house, we do.  One of the biggest things I’ve sacrificed this year is fast food!  This, for me, is any restaurant with a drive-thru window.  It has been very hard for me. I stopped at some burger joint at least two times a week.  If I wouldn’t eat anything before work, I’d stop and pick something up on the way.  Sometimes, if I had eaten I’d still stop for some fries!lol Though my wallet is loving it(those fries can add up), my taste buds are screaming for some McDonald’s fries and a milk shake from Sonic!  However, to curb the cravings, I’m eating more healthy snacks of fruits and veggies.  This sacrifice may allow me to lose the few pounds I’ve been trying to shed for the past year with my trainer.

*Side Note:

Though I’m not at my goal weight after a year of training , I have not gained any additional weight either.  So, doing a balancing act with exercise and eating.  Not really my purpose at this point but my reality!lol

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