Run For It

This post was inspired by recent tweets and blog posts by LaShawn over at My Life. *Thanks* She’s getting back into running and that got me thinking.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve, inconsistently, been trying to get a exercise regimen started.  Then, LaShawn started talking about preparing to run a half marathon and I was like “hmmm”.  Let me be clear, I have no plans of running a half marathon,  but I do have plans to start running.

In 2003 or 2004, I agreed to train for and run the Cooper River Bridge Run with one of my girlfriends.  We were living in Charlotte at the time and we signed up with a Jeff Galloway run group that met every Saturday in Uptown Charlotte.  We started in October to train for the April 10k.  Let me tell you, getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning to drive 25mins to run for what progressively became the full 6.2 miles was a STRUGGLE!!  Especially, when I’d just got off work at 12 the night before.  The colder the weather got, the harder it got to drag myself out of bed.  During the week, we would run on the treadmill at the gym and try to get together for some outdoor runs on our own.

My only problem was I really didn’t like running! I never experienced the elusive “runner’s high”.  For me, the best part of running was when I could see the Wachovia Wells Fargo building because that meant it was almost over!  I continued to run because I promised my friend and though I didn’t love running, it was good, consistent exercise for me.  I’d paid my money to join the group and we were working toward the goal of the race.   So, I cursed when I got out of bed before the sun came up. I cursed as I drove Uptown. I cursed when I sleepily began our walk, run, walk with women who seemed too perky for that time of the morning.  However, I was all smiles when I started my day with a solid days exercise under my belt.

Considering my disdain for running, I was very upset that after all that training, I didn’t run the race!  I had minor surgery to have  bartholin’s gland cyst removed, a few days before the race. *That maybe TMI, but you never know when something you share can help someone.*  It had been bothering me for years and no other treatments worked.  My doctor said I could fill up on pain killers and run. *I gave him major side eye and people weren’t even saying that then!*  The idea of being doped up on pain killers and running 6.2 miles in the Charleston heat was not the answer.  So, my girlfriend ran the race alone and I never ran again….until last week.

I’ve decided to finally pick up my running shoes and train for the Cooper River Bridge Run!  *This time I’m going to use a training app instead of joining a group.*  I’m going to finish what I started years ago and I’m going to give my mind, body and spirit some much needed consistent exercise in the process.

Are you starting, getting back into or trying a new exercise regimen?


  • Reply RosesDaughter (@RosesDaughter) September 12, 2012 at 9:36 am

    YAY!!!! I’m so excited for you! and I have a secret….I don’t really like running either! LOL But this is something I promised myself that I would do! So….I’m doing it!!!

  • Reply glossedmimi September 13, 2012 at 12:37 am

    I am going to do the Disney with Lashawn. My knees are bad that is why I stopped. I am going to get fitted for some new running shoes and hopefully that will do the trick. I actually like running. Its the first mile that I hate then after that I’m off and running.

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