Romance Wednesday: The Best is Yet to Come

It has occurred to me that I’ve been focusing on how much MY life will change when I start my new job. However, I’ve realized my Hubby’s life will change as well.  No longer will we have to parent our son in solo shifts, only joint parenting on the weekends *even that wasn’t a guarantee*.  Also, we will now both have the luxury three-day holiday weekends and major holidays off.  Turning that into much needed family bonding time.  We will now enjoy unrushed dinners and prime time tv as a family. *Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most!*  Putting the baby to bed and taking time to discuss our respective workdays will become the norm. Unlike now where we rush through the happenings of our day or I attempt to share my day at midnight while he is half asleep! For the very first time in our 6 year relationship, we get more “us” time and more time to, truly, be a  couple raising our son together.   So, I believe The Best is Yet to Come not only for myself, but for my family and my marriage!

Verse I:
Hold on my brother don’t give up
Hold on my sister just look up
There is a master plan in store for you
if you just make it through
God’s gonna really blow your mind
He’s gonna make it worth your time
For all of the trouble you’ve been through,
the blessings doubled just for you

The best is yet to come
The best, the best is yet to come

(Repeat verse and chorus)

Special Chorus:
Today is the first day of the best days of your life
Today is the first day of the best days of your life


(music interlude)

You ain’t seen nothing, you ain’t seen nothing yet


  • Reply Rafael Machuca August 4, 2011 at 9:05 am

    My Love, your focus had not been just on Jennifer. You applied, interviewed and accepted the position because it will improve our family and marriage life. yes, your life is about to take a dramatic turn. But we both beleive it is a turn for the better. Better for you, better for me, better for RJ and better for Bailey and Brooklyn. It was tough raising RJ in shifts the last six months. The new position will allow us all to do more things together as well as have our alone time. You are the love of my life and the mother of my child. You have never acted selfish during this whole process. You are giving up a 9 year career for something you are passionate about and will allow our family to have more flexibility to enjoy the things that a family enjoys. I look forward to laying down in bed with you each night. I look forward to discussing our days. But I don’t look forward to watching some of the shows you watch. All in all it is the best move for all of us not just Jennifer. We all love you and we wish you all the success that you deserve.

  • Reply Stephanie Clough August 5, 2011 at 8:24 am

    WOW…you almost brought me to tears!! I’m sooo happy for you!!!

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