Romance Wednesday

This past week my husband and I had a pretty serious breakdown in communication argument. When I say serious, I mean there were tears *I cry when I’m really upset*, a few choice words and definite silent treatment involved! Right about now, I sure you are checking the title of this post to be sure it says “Romance Wednesday“! Well, it does. This post series is about remembering and keeping the love alive in marriage. Let me tell you, when you are in the throws of a heated argument, remembering why you love your spouse isn’t the first thought that pops into your mind, at least not in my mine. However, I’ve learned if you don’t want to let that one argument fester and take on a life of it’s own, remembering why you love your spouse needs to be your second thought!

That day, I had to walk away and take some “calm myself down time”. When I returned, we didn’t address the issue because it was still too raw, but the next day, in better moods and with clearer heads, we talked it out. The issue is resolved, but only because I had to take the time to remember that I love my husband and I know he loves me.

Now maybe you are saying, that’s easier said than done. Well, I’m a very stubborn woman and I can play the cold shoulder, silent game VERY well! So, it takes a lot for me let go and talk things out when I feel I was wronged, even more so when I am in the wrong! However, I do it because nearly five years ago, I vowed to do just that and keeping our family as one unit is a priority. So, on this Romance Wednesday know that remembering the love you share with your significant other is great when everything is coming up roses, but even better when you are in the weeds.

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  • Reply yummommy July 30, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    This was a lesson had to learn too. I can truly say that my marriage is better because of it.

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