Romance Wednesday

This past weekend, I got a rare glimpse of my Hubby an his dad working on a project together. They installed a  storm door at the front entrance to our home.

Let me paint the picture: Two head strong, Latino men working in 90+ degree heat, assembling a door that turned out not to be the “easy installation” the box said it would be. Let me say, I stayed clear of both of them the entire time!

I’ve worked on household projects with my husband before. I must say, it isn’t something I look forward to.  My husband, like his father is a bit of a perfectionist and very anal, when it comes to things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but it’s best if you leave the house while they work and return just in time to see the finished project!

However, watching the dynamic between my Hubby and his dad did provide me with some insight.  Yes, they become fussy and bossy when the work, but their work is always a labor of love.  His dad carried that door back and forth to Lowe’s to resolve issues with it. He arrived with tools of his own an even purchased new ones to make sure he would get the project completed and done right before he left.  It took two days to get it right, but he was determined to leave us with door we asked him to install on this trip, the last time he visited.

His determination and labor of love, reminded me of my Hubby as he transformed office into RJ’s nursery.  He painted, assembled the crib, drawers,cabinets the bassinet and pack n play and hung shelves.  I was around for some of the work and yes some raised voices and a few choice words were involved.  I would say, ‘Ok it’s up,can we move on?!”  His response was always, “No, it has to be perfect for his son.”  In the end, that is exactly what is was, perfect.  I’ve learned through the years, that my husband wants the best for his family not only when he working on a project, but in every aspect of our lives.  So, if I have to endure attitude and some frustration, I’m ok with it because everything he does is a labor of love.

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  • Reply Amber July 13, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    This is so true! I feel this way about cooking. I’m not nearly as a great of a chef as my husband is, but I love doing it because it’s a labor of love. It’s a way to show him that I love him and that I want to take care of him. It’s awesome that you were able to make that connection by watching your husband and RJ’s grandpa do the exact same thing!

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