RJ in the City

When we were making plans for our summer earlier this year, we tossed around the idea of letting RJ go to New York to stay with my in-laws for a week or two.  All of my husband’s immediate family, my sister, and godmother are in New York.   My mother-in-aw has been asking for RJ  for the summer since forever, but I wasn’t trying to let him go.

However, this year was the first time that we, seriously, discussed letting him go without us.  When we go for our yearly trip, it’s hard to split our time evenly between my husband’s parent’s and all the other family we have in there.  We figured he could go alone and spend a week with Hubby’s mom and a week with Hubby’s dad and they could do ALL the things without trying to cram it in.  We just couldn’t settle on when we wanted to do it.  When realized my brother-in-law’s graduation was at the end of this month and we’d be able to attend, we figured that would be the perfect time.  I reached out to Hubby’s parental units and came up with a tentative plan and my sister has agreed to shuttle RJ between the two, if need be.  Just like that, next week, we head to NY as 3 and will return to SC as 2.  Dontcha love when a plan comes together!

RJ and Grandpa during our visit last April

This will be the longest he’s been away from us. I know he’ll be well cared for, I just want him to have a good time and have everything go smoothly.  I think I was a teenager before I went to NY to stay with family summer without my mom.  However, I’m sure he’ll have a blast and it will give the 3 of us a break from each other.  Sometimes, that’s necessary!

Kid-free time? Yes, please!

As for Hubby and I, we plan to do ALL THE THINGS!! Unfortunately, we will only have one kid-free weekend because of when we have to pick RJ up. So, I see a lot of weeknight date nights in our future!


Are your kids going to stay with family without you this summer? 

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