RIP Snowball

I am not a fan of cats.  However, my job adopted a cat, named Snowball, years before I started working there.  She became the station cat and there is even a picture of her on our employee board.   I’ve never had much interaction with her but in the last few months, I’ve warmed up to her and she to me.  Last night, I was ready to engage in our normal routine of me talking to her and she looking at me as if I were crazy.  However, she wasn’t her usual alert self.  She was laying very still in front of the station door. I knew she was dead but I got a couple co-workers to go check on her. They confirmed what I already knew.

The crazy part is I was very shaken.  I’ve seen a human being take his last breath but the sight of this dead cat, that I didn’t have strong ties to, was a bit overwhelming. I was on the verge of hyperventilating.  Maybe, it was the fact that as a wild cat,  she could have wondered off anywhere in the neighborhood and died.  However, she chose the station, where she undoubtedly felt most loved, to take her rest.  She didn’t just go off and have everyone wonder, “What happened to Snowball?”.  She came home to her family.


Snowball was laid to rest in Peacock Park, under her condo.

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