• Gearing up for a 6-day work week and looking forward to my 4-day weekend next week!
  • Just about every married couple I know is expecting! The first bundle of joy should arrive within a week…hoping to meet him next weekend!
  • One year ago today, I was in NYC getting ready to watch Max & Krystal become husband and wife, Happy Anniversary to them! Also, Happy Early(Wed) 3rd Anniversary to Leea & Travis!
  • Speaking of marriage, is anyone else as sick of hearing about Jon & Kate as I am?! They suck!
  • Saw a girl I went to high school with two years ago, and we barely said 3 words to each other.This has pretty much ALWAYS been the nature of our relationship. Today she sent me a “friend” request on FB!? She was ignored!!
  • The hubby & I have started a countdown to birthday & our trip to NYC!
  • Still working out the kinks for my 30th birthday. I do know we will be spending that weekend in Charlotte.  I’m thinking maybe a dinner with some friends on the 21st.


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