Last Friday Brooklyn graduated from her intermediate training class! Here she is with her fellow classmates, minus one(a Labradoodle named Riley), and their parents. You have no idea what it took to get them to look in the vicinity of the camera at the same time!!

Hailey, Precious, Brooklyn, Topper and Charlie

Dogs L to R: Hailey, Precious, Brooklyn, Topper and Charlie

Other Things:

Has anyone else seen the game show on FOX call “Hole in the Wall”? If so, did you catch the episode with the daughter of Rerun from “What’s Happenin”? If you did…Enough said…if you didn’t it was hilarious yet disturbing!

Raf took his first roadtrip to Charlotte driving alone. It may not sound like much but my husband has been driving for just 3years and he hardly ever drives on the interstate! It was a huge deal! LOL!

I was wondering what ever happened to British Knights. Does anyone besides me remember them. I had a pair or two. Does anyone still wear them? Remember MC Hammer did the jingle….“Uh Oh Uh Oh British Knights!” Just Wondering.

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  • Reply Stephanie Clough September 17, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Girl “Hole in the Wall” is Chivon and I’s favorite show right now!!! LOL And Rerun’s daughter actually went to Morris Brown with me for a little while!! I can’t wait to see the midgets tomorrow night!! LOL

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