Quick Notes

  • My Christmas vacation was approved!!!! We will be loading up the car and taking the girls with us to NYC for the holidays!!!  I’m so excited!!! Can’t you tell from all the exclamation points!!!!!!!  This will be my first Christmas in NY in 25 years!!!!!  This will also be the 1st roadtrip with the girls! Pray for us….PLEASE!!!
  • The girls have cute new beds…no more crates…well we do have one crate still out, only because Brooklyn (queen crate hater) goes to the crate only to vomit when she’s sick! Gross, I know but we aren’t sure where she will choice to do this if we take the crate away…Maybe she will learn from her sister and go to the bathroom! No lie, Bailey will go into the bathroom to vomit!
  • I turned in my “I’m leaving” notice to my Charlotte hairstylist last week! *tear* I found a girl here, so far so good. *fingers crossed* By September 1st, I should be fully ready to turn my hair over to her completely! I need to be sure…this is a very big deal to me!LOL  I would love to stay with my current hair guru but, the early morning drive, paying for parking, etc is just too much.  However, I highly recommend him! If anyone wants his info just let me know.
  • Saw The Hangover and couple of weeks ago!!! OMG…hilarious! It is a MUST see!
  • My favorite news story right now: NYC shipping the homeless out of the city! Be on the look out…The homeless are coming!

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