Project Photo Wall

I’ve always wanted to create a photo wall, but it became one more thing that I never seemed to get around to doing.  This past Black Friday I braved the crowds and headed to Target.  I found some cute picture frames on sale and snatched them up.  Then… they sat in our guest bedroom for two months.   This year I want to knock some of the projects on my running list of projects. So, when the mood hit me Saturday to complete the photo wall, I went all in.

We only have one 4×6 photo from our wedding up in our house and one 4×6 photo from our maternity shoot! RJ did a professional shoot for his 2nd birthday and those along with the rest of our maternity photos and the discs of wedding, RJ’s school pictures and the family shoot we did last fall are in a cabinet.  Beautiful memories and a good chunk or change sitting in a dark cabinet. *I know, it’s a shame, don’t judge too harshly.*

So, I uploaded a several wedding and family pictures to a local shop to be printed and hit up Michael’s for a few more frames. *Once I saw the photos I was hiding in the cabinet, I realized I needed more frames.*  When I had all the pieces I needed, I went to Pinterest for ideas and methods and got started.


IMG_1366First, I had to decide the layout for the pictures. I did so by placing the frames on the floor.


Then, I traced the shape of each frame on the back of Dollar Tree wrapping paper. I’m challenged when it comes to cutting in a straight line:( So, I was pleasantly surprised to find grid lines on back of the paper:)


On the cutout, I wrote the size of the frame, a picture description and whether it was vertical or horizontal. This helped me visualize as I placed the cutouts on the wall. *You may not need to write on the cutouts. Where I had the layout displayed and wall that I was hanging the photos wasn’t next to each other, so this helped me.*


Then, I taped the cutouts on the wall where the photos would be hung. This helped because I decided  to make some layout adjustments once I could see the pieces on the wall.


I’m extremely happy with the outcome and there is plenty of space to add photos! *RJ took school pictures last week.* I’m also thinking of adding some decorative “M”s to wall.

Now, that I’ve checked this project off the list, it’s on to the next… finishing the pantry closet organization.


What home DIY projects are you working on? Do you have or have you been considering a photo wall in your home? 

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