Progress, Potty and Pink Eye

Whew! Last week flew by. I’m proud to report that I stuck to my guns and hit Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred 5 days straight last week!  I need that willpower and determination to stick around this week, too.  I haven’t worked out consistently in years and I’ve never worked out 5 days in a row before.  I want to go shopping Spring/Summer clothes soon and I want to be a few inches slimmer an a few pounds lighter by then.

Friday, while going through RJ’s lunch bag I found his daily note from school.  I was so excited when I read this:


Hubby then told me that RJ’s teachers got him to pee in the potty twice that day.  The key to this success?  M&Ms! Yes, my child will pee in the potty for food! LOL  We’ve known he’s been ready for a while.  He lets us know when he goes in his pull-up and he’s been waking up dry in mornings from time to time.  He just hadn’t shown consistent interest in the potty, so we’ve let it go.  We tried to use stickers as motivation in the past, but that didn’t work.  Apparently, he’s only into edible forms of bribery.  Anyway, we picked up a bag of M&Ms after church Friday night and sure enough he peed in the potty twice that night.  The rest of the weekend was kind of hit and miss.  The flaw in our plan, the kid REALLY wants that candy.  He would sit on the toilet, do nothing, but demand his reward. Umm no sir.

Successful potty trip at home.

This morning Hubby called me after he’d dropped RJ off at school.  He was excited.  He said when they arrived at school RJ said he had to pee.  They rushed to his class, got him on the potty and sure enough he had to pee!!   He then asked his teacher for his M&Ms…  Good thing I’m a stickler for teeth brushing.


Sticking  with the kid theme, over the last several weeks I’d been organizing another PJ Party/Parents’ Night Out at RJ’s school.  The latest installment took place Saturday evening.  However, Saturday morning my child woke up with pink eye.   So, we spent our morning at the doctor’s office to confirm what I knew and get a prescription for eye drops. *I later discovered I still had drops from the first time he got conjunctivitis.  Thank goodness for insurance.  The tiny bottle of eye drops was $40 AFTER insurance paid $80!*  Anyway though we couldn’t participate in the event, the first 24hrs are the most contagious, I still had to go to the school, deliver the pizza and drinks, collect the money and pay the teachers.  Oh well, the great thing about organizing these events is I pick the dates.  So, I’ll plan another when Hubby and I need a serious break.

Having pink eye would make you look pitiful too:(


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  • Reply Kita February 25, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Poor thing looks so pitiful. Yep candy will do the trick that’s how I trained the girl and that’s how I get my kids to eat their dinner I put the candy and donuts on the table and they eat if they want cookies or candy.

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