Poor Some Sugar on Me…NOT!

Yesterday, I went for my checkup and 1hr glucose test.  Well, I failed the test!  I was devastated!  I just knew I would pass. They didn’t want the number to be above 140…my level was 165.  My blood pressure was great but my iron level was low as well.   Now, I have to schedule the 3hr test and take an iron supplement every other day. 

I’ve NEVER had elevated blood sugar levels. I make sure I test my levels at least once a year because number of diabetic relatives I have.  My levels were excellent at the start of my pregnancy. Yes, this one hurt me. 

I admit, I haven’t been eating very well, all of the time.  However, my checkups would always be excellent, so I figured I could continue what I was doing.  Those 10ozs of sugar, all at once, can really throw you for a loop!  The nurse told me not to panic and I could still pass the 3hr just fine.  Too late! I had already panicked  and freaked out.  Then I did what I do best, researched! 

I found meal plans and lists of foods I should eat and how much of them.  I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet but it’s my plan to not to be.  So, I’m eliminating my occasional Sprite and Root Beer and limiting my starches(which are my biggest culprits).  The computers in the doctor’s office were down yesterday and this morning.  This allows me some time to get this rolling before I have to take the 3hr test. 

Keep us in your prayers. I’m going to eat breakfast…a real breakfast not a lunch early in the morning (my usual MO)!

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