Playdate, Sleep & Solids

  • RJ an I attended our first Mommy, Me and Moscato playdate this past Saturday! We got together with two other Mommies and  their babies. RJ, Jayden and Camryn did really well. They are all the same age, 4 months. Of course, at this age, they didn’t do much playing with each other, but it was nice to see him other babies his age. We Mommies really enjoyed ourselves. Since our babies are the same age, we were able to compare notes. A good time was had by all. We will do it again soon, and maybe invite the Hubbies:)
  • As you may know,or have read, early on, RJ refused to sleep on his back, at all. So, he has been a stomach sleeper since the beginning. We even purchased a Snuza to monitor his breathing while he sleeps. *I bought the Snuza, but I’ve not used it once!* Anyway, at Mommy and Me, we were discussing sleep, and only Camryn was sleeping through the night. Well, when I put RJ down to sleep, on his stomach, that night, he started whining. I gave him his pacifier, but he was still whining an moving all around. I had use the use the bathroom and didn’t want to leave him on his tummy with the paci in his mouth, so I put him on his back. When I returned, he was knocked out! Not only had he put himself to sleep,this was a first, but he did so while lying on his back!! I have no clue how long he has been willing to sleep on his back because he refused for so long, we stopped trying to get him to do it.  He slept that way ALL night, only woke up once and slept until 10!!
    Last night, I put him down, on his tummy, he slept for a while then started stirring and whining. So, I put him on his back, gave him paci and that was all she wrote! Or so I thought, last night was one of the worst sleep nights we have had in a while!  I tell just when I think I’m on to something, he throws me a curve ball! LOL  His preferences change like the wind. Oh the joys of motherhood:)
  • We are heading into day six of eating solids. I added prunes into the mix and I could tell right away they were a hit! Let’s just say, be us not a fan the oatmeal by itself. I got him some organic apples and bananas yesterday (I will buy his fruit but plan to make his veggies.) I want to make him some peas or avocado and have him try those before we try another sweet fruit. BTW We have been Karo free since Wednesday and he had a big bm Friday!! If he goes today, we could be on a Karo free roll!!
  • The Big Change is only 2 days away!!!!

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    I REALLY like the Mommy, me and Moscato idea! 😉

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