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Thoughts on Whole30…or…Whole28

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about Hubby and I starting Whole30. We were about a week in at the time. Well last Friday would have been day 30. However, we were in NYC on vacation so, even with our best intentions, our Whole30 became Whole28. Anyway I wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. 

First, most people want to know if we loss weight. The answer is yes! I loss 8lbs and 2 inches from my waist. Hubby loss 14lbs. I can only imagine the results if we had been consistently exercising. So, let me jump right into what we thought about the plan.

What we didn’t like:

Is this something we will commit too or make a lifestyle. The answer is no. The restrictions of Whole30 are just too much for us. Giving up all the things, all at once is not sustainable for us. I cook at lot but to do Whole30 right you pretty much have to cook every meal you eat. Look, with work, maintaining home and RJ that’s not always feasible.  Not to mention the days when I just don’t want to be in the kitchen. Also, I miss rice or pasta as an option.  

What we liked:

We liked that we were forced to pay attention to the sugar content of everything. It’s everywhere and limiting our sugar consumption will be something we continue to do. 

My husband realized he can go with out dairy and is stomach is grateful. He will drastically cutback if not eliminate is dairy consumption completely. 

Though I miss pasta, rice and bread we will probably reduce the amount we eat. 

Things we didn’t expect:

Sticking to the plan for as long as we did. We even traveled earlier in the month and stuck to the plan while our friends ate all kinds of food, dessert and drank alcohol.  I took our snacks with us and when we ate out we stuck to the plan. Instead of alcohol, I took kombucha for us. 

I actually made my own mayo and ranch dressing and it’s something I wouldn’t even mind doing now!

Homemade ranch dressing

Friends and family questioning why we were doing it. I had one friend tell me we didn’t need to do something so drastic because we aren’t really big. True we aren’t obese, but we can be healthier. I think our overall health will be better because of Whole30. It was the jump start we needed. 

Now, the plan is to be more diligent about adding in the exercise piece of the puzzle and continue our healthy living journey.

Would you consider Whole30? What steps are you taking towards a healthier lifestyle? 

Child of Mine

RJ in the City

When we were making plans for our summer earlier this year, we tossed around the idea of letting RJ go to New York to stay with my in-laws for a week or two.  All of my husband’s immediate family, my sister, and godmother are in New York.   My mother-in-aw has been asking for RJ  for the summer since forever, but I wasn’t trying to let him go.

However, this year was the first time that we, seriously, discussed letting him go without us.  When we go for our yearly trip, it’s hard to split our time evenly between my husband’s parent’s and all the other family we have in there.  We figured he could go alone and spend a week with Hubby’s mom and a week with Hubby’s dad and they could do ALL the things without trying to cram it in.  We just couldn’t settle on when we wanted to do it.  When realized my brother-in-law’s graduation was at the end of this month and we’d be able to attend, we figured that would be the perfect time.  I reached out to Hubby’s parental units and came up with a tentative plan and my sister has agreed to shuttle RJ between the two, if need be.  Just like that, next week, we head to NY as 3 and will return to SC as 2.  Dontcha love when a plan comes together!

RJ and Grandpa during our visit last April

This will be the longest he’s been away from us. I know he’ll be well cared for, I just want him to have a good time and have everything go smoothly.  I think I was a teenager before I went to NY to stay with family summer without my mom.  However, I’m sure he’ll have a blast and it will give the 3 of us a break from each other.  Sometimes, that’s necessary!

Kid-free time? Yes, please!

As for Hubby and I, we plan to do ALL THE THINGS!! Unfortunately, we will only have one kid-free weekend because of when we have to pick RJ up. So, I see a lot of weeknight date nights in our future!


Are your kids going to stay with family without you this summer? 

I feel good

We’re Doing Whole30

A month or so ago, I went to my doctor for a check up.  My numbers were all good, but I felt I needed to really get my eating habits under control. After a discussion about how much I weigh and where I carry my weight (mid-section) and my family history, I asked her thoughts on my health risks and diet plans.  She suggested Whole30 to help focus on and get control of what I actually eat.  I liked the idea of eliminating foods to find out what triggers certain conditions, such as my eczema and my husband’s gastrointestinal issues.  Also, we seriously needed to adjust our eating habits.  Let me say, in anticipation of giving up all the ALL THE THINGS, I ate ALL THE THINGS during the month of May and gained an additional 3-4 pounds on top the weight I already needed to lose. #Fail.

Anyhoo, on June 1st, my husband and I began our  journey. Listen, my husband is not a veggie lover, not a good thing on Whole30. To avoid the monotony of eating meat and a salad every day, I’ve been introducing foods we don’t typically eat like beets and cauliflower rice.  Hubby and RJ both hated the roasted beets. Also, my rice loving husband wasn’t overjoyed with the cauliflower impostor either. He is sticking it out, though. I must say it is easier having him on board especially since the food is so restrictive.

Last weekend we went to a baseball game and due to my lack of planning, I wasn’t able to cook us dinner before we left. Let me tell you, sporting events don’t really cater to the Whole30 crowd.  The struggle was real. I came close to saying forget it and eating RJ’s waffle fries from Chick fil A.  My husband, literally, knocked the fry out of my hand. We have tickets for a game in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to eat at home before we go!

Right now, if you asked me if I’d do this again or continue beyond 30 days, my answer would be no.  I feel like it’s too restrictive and not something I can fully maintain as a lifestyle or that I want to maintain as a lifestyle.  At the end of the 30 days, maybe my outlook will be different…I doubt it.  I do want to end these 30 days with a better relationship with food and to be more mindful of what we consume.  So far the most eye-opening thing has been realizing that sugar, in whatever form, is in damn near EVERYTHING on the store shelves.

Now, that we’ve had a week to get a handle on what we can and can’t eat, I’m ready to add in the exercise piece. Honestly, I’m not sure if Hubby and I could have exercised at all this week anyway because we’ve both been sluggish. Apparently, this is common in the beginning as our bodies adjust to the food changes.  Hopefully, we’ll enter next week energized and ready burn some of the healthy fats we’re eating.  Wish us luck and willpower! I’ll do another post on our journey once we’ve completed the 30 days and my final thoughts.

Have you ever done Whole30? If so, were you happy with the results and has it become a way of life for you?

Gotta have faith

The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes the hardest thing for a person to do is to let go. We’ve all experienced it in some aspect of our lives from relationships to careers. I know several people, including myself, who are currently in the process of letting go of something or someone in hopes of allowing a sense of renewal or calm into our lives. The question is how do you know when it’s time to let go?

Months ago I listened to the first episode of the podcast Making Oprah. Twenty-two minutes into that episode, Oprah said something that made me cry as I listened and still nearly brings me to tears when I think about it. She said,”Everybody knows that there is a time that comes in your life, when where you are is no longer where you are supposed to be.”  In other words, something deep within you lets you know when to move on.  I think that statement makes me cry because I know it’s true and I’m finally ready.  That’s the key to letting go. You have to be ready. No matter how much can see it or tell us, it doesn’t happen until our mind, body and spirit are one and we act on it.  Sometimes we don’t want to let go because of love for or devotion to family members or friends even when they show no signs of love or devotion to us.  Sometimes we don’t let go because we are simply afraid of the unknowns and the what ifs.

I learned a long time ago that there are times when you just have let go of family and friends. This doesn’t mean you don’t love them or wish them any ill will. It means you choose yourself. It means you choose your calm. You should not have to live in a constant state of pissivity, because you love your family or the person you’ve been friends with for years. Loving from a distance is still love.

There have been instances where I have removed people from my life and through my own growth and healing I was able to allow them back in and have healthy relationships.  It happens.

I’m still working through overcoming fear of the unknown. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I need exactly how things will turn out and if the outcome is good, I’m in! Please and thank you. However, that’s just not life. So, I’m working on learning to follow my happy even if that means I have to let go and face my fear of the unknown.


How you do you know when it’s time to let go? Is the process easy or hard for you?

Upstate Living

TD Saturday Market

The only thing better than downtown Greenville, is downtown Greenville during a festival…and downtown Greenville on a Saturday morning during TD Saturday Market season! We’ve gone to Saturday Market a time or two since we’ve lived in the Upstate, but last year I really fell in love with it and became a regular.  It all started with my quest to buy farm fresh eggs without having to drive out to a farm in the country. Well, a year later and I have yet to purchase eggs at the Market! Typically,the vendor is all out by the time I get there, which is crazy because I’m get there before 9am and the Market is 8am-12pm. Upstate folks love their eggs, I guess. However, by striking up a convo with a stranger one morning, my super power, I discovered I could get farm fresh eggs anytime I wanted from here! So, no worries.

Like most events downtown, Saturday Market is very family friendly. There is a booth for the kids and once a year they do “touch a truck”. Both of my guys joined me once last year, let’s just say Hubby wasn’t giddy about waking up early on a Saturday to buy fresh flowers and zucchini. He was one and done. RJ will still accompany me, if I promise him King of Pops. However, they both rush me, which I hate. I prefer to venture alone, shop and then enjoy some shrimp and grits from the Soby’s food cart and people watch. It’s also a great event to meet up with some of my girlfriends who can appreciate homemade goat’s milk cheese and locally grown arugula.

The TD Saturday Market runs May 6th – October 28th from 8am-12pm on Main Street at McBee Avenue. Most vendors accept credit cards. The official website says pets aren’t allowed, but people bring their dogs. They just keep them on the sidewalks and not on the street.


Does your city or town have a weekly farmers market? If so, do you go and what do you buy?