Owning It

I was going to blog about something else, I can’t really remember what right now, but I’ve changed my mind. Instead I’m going to say a few words about my hair.
First, in addition to the products I wrote about in the last post, I purchased a gel from Sally’s to recreate a style I saw on a YouTube video, or so I thought. It looked easy enough but it was an Epic Fail!! LOL This styling of natural hair is definitely a trial and error process! I will just stick to the twist-out an afro for now.
I am loving my hair! Everyday I love an appreciated it more. I’ve gotten mixed reactions from others on my hair, including my Hubby, but I honestly don’t care. I’m happy with my new look. I’m at the hair salon as I type this, when I walked through the door rocking my mini fro, my stylist was floored. She loved it. Though, I had her cut off my relaxed ends last month, she said she really didn’t think I would wear it in it’s natural state and definitely not in an afro! Then she said something that has been a topic on some the blogs I read an a reason why I was hesitant to go “natural” in the first place. She said the look worked for me because I was exuding confidence and I do feel that. Sure it’s just hair but in this day an age how you wear your hair can carries a lot of perception, especially as a Black woman. I admit my hesitancy to wear my hair fully natural, even after stopping relaxing, had a lot to do with how I would feel about myself and how people I know and strangers on the street would perceive me. However, I finally made up my mind that wearing my hair in it’s natural state was something I truly wanted to try. Once I did that, I realized as long a I loved my hair, myself and was confident in my decision, I could care less about the thoughts an opinions of anyone else.
That is the key. Own your look, no matter what that look maybe. Right now I’m waiting to have my natural curls flat ironed an I plan to own that look as much I was owning my fro when I walked through the door an hour ago!

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