One Month on the Job

Yep, it has been one month already!! I must say, this was the best decision I could have made. No regrets! I LOVE MY JOB!   Besides the people, I don’t miss any aspect of my old job. It is so funny, I worked in the TV news business for a decade of my life, walked away and don’t miss it at all.  Not even a teeny tiny bit. That just assures me that I made the right decision.  I have a girlfriend who was a news anchor. A few years ago, she left to pursue her dream of going to law school. She just passed the NC bar exam!! We were talking last week and both realized that we don’t miss our TV lives.  How lucky blessed are we that  were able to find and enter career fields that we love?! It feels like a whole new life:)

No two days are quite the same at current job. My daily routine may include any, some or all of the following: testing English as a Second Language students, testing Adult Basic Education students, making sure teachers show up to their classes, finding substitute teachers, interviewing potential tutors, entering data, making coffee, answering phones, trying to decipher Spanish(thank goodness for Google translator), trying to decipher English(yes, sometimes it is VERY necessary), responding to emails, sending faxes, substitute teaching, making copies, helping students with computer programs, making lesson plans, fielding student and teacher complaints, etc.  My co-worker and I DO IT ALL and pretty damn well, if I say so myself! I’m thankful for my previous career because it taught me how to juggle people and tasks and that is mandatory in this job.

The aspect of the job that I love the most, really has nothing to do with the job itself.  I love the home time.  I’m just coming off my first 3-day weekend without having to put in a vacation request or having Monday be my regular day off.  The baby was a little fussy this weekend (teething and runny nose), but I wouldn’t trade the time with them for anything. Honestly, I’m still wrapping my brain around the fact that I have what I’ve been wanting for so long, lots of family time and a career I love.  It’s a little scary to say, but I am genuinely content. I say it’s scary because I don’t know if I’ve ever really felt this way before. I grateful for this blessing. I pray that each of you reading this will feel just as content and fulfilled in your life, if you aren’t already.

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  • Reply Rafael Machuca September 6, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Great post. I am happy that you feel this way. We are happy that you are home more often. We will not change it for anything.

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