Odds and Ends

  • Our doctor’s appointment went well.  The baby is not large, only 6lbs or so, which is great and right where he or she should be. However, the little one did not cooperate for the ultrasound pic. (What else is new) We only got a shot of a foot! LOL
  • For the past 5 days or so, I have been experiencing pain and numbness in my right hand.  The doctor told me I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently, it can be a symptom pregnancy. Who knew?!  So now, on top of sleep being hard to come by because of my stomach, I also have to deal with extreme hand pain!  The doctor said I can get a brace and it would help. However, he said it was up to me because I’m so close to my due date, I may not use it long.  It should go away after I give birth.
  • We are prepping for the arrival Hubby’s dad and step-mom next Saturday! We bought a new mattress set for the guest room today. We may have more guest than usual for the next few months and we want them to be comfortable.  The set that is in there now is awful! I’ve had it since college and it can’t be more than an inch thick…ok…maybe 3!LOL  Needless to say, it is past time for new mattress! The in-laws will be here for a week. Hopefully, the little one will grace them with his or her presence! *Hopefully*

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