Obligatory Trump Post

I recall when President Obama was running for office, a coworker asked my why does everyone keep saying he will be the first black president when his mom is white. I gave her an answer then but a prime answer to that question is this whole birther issue. Yes, I feel, no, I know in my heart of hearts this is based on race. The racist citizens of America can care less that President Obama’s mother was white. The fact that his father is African and he “looks” black is what they care about. I am pissed, angry, saddened and heartbroken that he had to release the long form of his birth certificate.
That being said, I had been a fan of Celebrity Apprentice, then Trump began his “unofficial” run for president. Then, I saw him speak to the press the morning President Obama released the long form. I listened the arrogance, smugness and just plain nastiness, and I knew I was through. Taking credit for the release of the BC then, questioning his grades at Harvard!? I’m not only pissed at the words, it hurts. It hurts because once we elected the first black president, many black people thought we overcame the racist hurdle. The fact that Trump, and others, blatantly disrespect the President of the United States with outright disregard for his post is proof we have overcome nothing! The fact anyone in their right mind would even consider voting for Donald Trump is evidence of that!

*Side Note*
I’m am now through with my Trump rant. We will return our regular posts about all non-political things:)

*Side Side Note*

I started writing  this post when the certificate was released.  It has been sitting in the draft section waiting to be published

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