Oprah made her BIG announcement today.  The last show will air September 9 2011. I cried while watching the announcement.  I know I will be bawling on that day! I LOVE her! I’m a die hard fan, always have been, always will be!

Birthday Celebration Blitz Updates:

Day 1 recap:

Yesterday was AWESOME!!! I got a 90 min hot stone massage yesterday morning. It was fabulous! I’m loving my Kindle! The first book I bought was Connie Briscoe’s Sisters and Husbands.  It’s good so far.  My Louis is perfection! LOL Hubby surprised me with balloons, streamers, homemade ziti, and a ColdStone Creamery ice cream cake! Yum-O! He also  wrote happy 30th birthday, on the windows of my car! LOL  Our neighbors saw him do it and gave me a birthday card that night:) That was nice.

Day 2:

Today, I got a mani/pedi and my hair done this morning.  We are going to Rick Erwin’s, for my fancy birthday dinner tonight! I’m wearing my “Freakum Dress” LOL (Beyonce reference)  I’m soooo excited, but I too psyched to sleep!  Tomorrow, Bishopville bound!

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