No “Good” Rest for the Weary

RJ ‘s one month checkup went well. He is now 9+ pounds! I’m actually having to go through his closet to pick out clothes he can no longer wear.  He still hasn’t had all of his shots, so we are still limiting his exposure to people . 

I spoke with his doctor about his sleep issue, well the fact that he doesn’t unless we hold him.  She suggested we get a co-sleeper, which would be bed #4 for him! She is worried about the risk of SIDS with him laying on our chest or putting him on his stomach, which is where he is most comfortable. Also, she is concerned that we might drop him while we are sleeping.  Here is the thing, he sleeps 15mins tops on his back in the bassinet or pack n’ play, this is not an exaggeration! If we hold him, he sleeps for HOURS!! She said to put him down when he falls asleep, which I do, but I’m picking him right back up 10mins later.  This not only prohibits me from doing things around the house and having a little breather, it prohibits him from getting his naps out. That can’t be healthy for him. She said to let him cry a little, after he wakes, so he can learn to self soothe and maybe put himself back to sleep. I tried that, if screaming for 5mins, quieting down for 5secs then screaming at the top of your longs for 5mins is learning how to self-soothe, he is a pro! She also told me, she really didn’t know WHAT to tell me!? She, like everyone  else said, “It will get better.”

So, I’m at the same point, as far as sleep goes, where I’ve been from the start, with no real solution.  My best friend is sending me her daughter’s Baby Bjorn, that way if he won’t go down, I can strap him on and have my hands free to get things done.  I don’t care if he sleeps through the night, I just want him to take a decent nap and sleep on his own at night so I can get a better quality sleep.  *I’ll admit, right now he is asleep in bassinet…on his tummy.* Yes, I know it’s a BIG no-no but he is asleep. I keep checking on him to make sure he is ok. It’s not something I plan to do permanently and definitely NOT at night, but I wanted to see if there would be a difference. So far, there is.  I wish he was at the stage where he could roll over on his own, that way I wouldn’t feel bad putting him on his stomach because he would end up there anyway! LOL Oh well, until that time gets here, I’ll keep trying trial and error.  Apparently, that is the way this parenting thing works!

*Side Note*

He has been asleep for over an hour and counting…on his tummy. Mommy is keeping a close eye on him. 


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