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As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m addicted to Facebook!   I was addicted to MySpace for a while but Facebook is the best. However, I have some issues when it comes with friend requests!  I’ve  gotten request from people that I knew by just face or name recognition only at some point in my life.  Never really had a real conversation with them or anything.  Somehow they now want me to accept them into my inner friendom(yes I made this word up!).   Granted there are people in my friends list that I haven’t seen or spoken too in a while but somewhere in our past, we had some type of  friendship and said more than “hello” to each other.   There are also people I see on Facebook that I know very very well however, I also know that we don’t get along like we use to so I don’t request them as “friends”.

My issue is that when I “ignore” requests from people I’ve never really known at all I still kinda feel bad.  I mean for some reason they saw my name and said “hey I’m going to request her as my “friend”.  Even though I have  seen their names hundreds of times and only thought “oh look there’s him or her” and gone on with my life. LOL  I know most of it is just people being nosy.  They want to know what you’re doing and who with.  I get that but I would feel odd to request someone as a friend and we had only said hello in passing, if that.

So at the risk of having someone say “I can’t believe that _______(fill in the word) ignored my request.  I will continue to shut out the people that I’ve  forgotten even existed until the infamous “1 friend request” pops up on my home page.

This has been a Jennifer public service announcement!!

Yes I recieved a request just like this today hence the blog!


  • Reply Stephanie Clough February 24, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Girl YES, I have the same problem but I DON’T feel bad about ignoring their request!!! LOL

  • Reply Softer Side of Scott March 7, 2009 at 3:22 am

    Please! You don’t “kinda” feel bad about ignoring anyone. I suggest you try twitter. You can follow whoever you want and ignore everyone else. Hell, even I’m using it, believe it or not.

    So you’re a teacher?? I really feel sorry for your students ;o)

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